Stripes operating hours

What do you know about Stripes?

Stripes convenience store is a part of Laredo Taco Company. This convenience chain consists of more than 700 stores across the United States of America.

This brand offers a wide range of products like cigarettes, beer and other grocery items. Stripes also have an in-house bakery that provides fresh baked goods daily. It has 3 brands with different product lines up; lunch box, ice cream, and ice cream cone.

Mostly, a lot of locations will offer both branded and unbranded gasoline. But not all of them offer gasoline.

Probably, for some people, Stripes represent low-quality products but it’s not true. You can find branded products such as Lays potato chips or Coca-Cola at their convenience stores. You can also get high-quality gasoline there because they usually clean out the tanks every week to ensure the highest level of service to customers both in terms of convenience and safety.

Important Update on COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Stripes working hours can vary, or maybe the spot can be currently closed as a consequence of quarantine limits. Check out the specifics of delivery choices on the local website of Stripes.

Stripes tweaked their shopping hours to permit employees a little extra time to clean as well as resupply goods on racks. Added to that, numerous Stripes locations have recently set up distinct shopping hours for members of the at-chance class.

What time does Stripes open?

Monday24 hours
Tuesday24 hours
Wednesday24 hours
Thursday24 hours
Friday24 hours
Saturday24 hours
Sunday24 hours

The history of Stripes company

In 1938 on South Post Oak, the first Stripes Convenience store opened it’s doors. The third generation of Kroger family member are currently in charge of this company, Mr. David Baffert serves as President and CEO of Laredo Taco Company LLC since 2009.

Stripes offer an affordable choice for gasoline with its lower operating costs because strip has long been recognized among the leading convenience stores in America according to some reports. You can find Stripes stores on highways or roads that lead you to your destination or just next to big hotels in the Texas area.

The name of this convenience store is related to its location on a highway road sign for travelers who want to get refreshments while they drive fast on highways. The word “stripes” has appeared on green highway signs for auto travelers.

In 2017 the stores in Texas and Louisiana were bought by 7-Eleven Inc. After this purchase, the stores were converted into 7-Eleven. The name of Stripes convenience store is no longer used for this convenience brand. All the locations retained Stripes name but the logo and other branding changes.

Nowadays Stripes can be found at locations such as hotels, Walmart’s/ Sam’s Club, Macy’s stores, and many others. Today strip is known as a brand that provides high-quality goods for a cheaper price than any other convenience store across America.

A lot of people consider Stripes as a company where you can buy cheap cigarettes or some not good quality products without checking the label first before buying it but recently Stripes started to implement their own label on products so customers will know what kind of product they want to buy from Stripes stores.

Stripes Holiday Hours – Close/Open

For this information, you should call the Stripes convenience store in your current location, because the working hours during holidays vary significantly from place to place.

What are Stripes locations?

As was told previously, the company has more than 700 locations in the areas such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas. A lot of these locations are near highways, malls or hotels.

Stripes near me

Stripe is a store where you can find different products for a lower price. That’s why it is so popular among people who are trying to save their money, especially during these hard times.

For example, Stripes has special weekly offers on different products such as groceries, drinks, chips, etc. There are many different manufacturers that work with Stripes stores and one of the best-known manufacturers is Coca-Cola which provides not only its own products but also other products.

You can find 7UP, Frito Lay’s (Lay’s), Lays at every location across America. If you like Pepsi this brand can be found in many Stripes stores too. They also have their own brand called Stripes.

As for prices, you can find different goods at different prices, and generally speaking, Stripes offers low-cost products that’s why it attracts a lot of people to buy food and drinks. You can also find some high-quality brands such as Lay’s Lays Family Size chips, Mountain Dew, etc.

What are their discounts and coupons?

This convenience store has its own loyalty program too so if you buy more than $30 from them within 30 days you will get 1% discount on your spending. The information about discounts and meeting other benefits such as coupons or deals can be found on their website or by calling them directly because Stripes doesn’t have any mobile app available right now.

You can also find coupons on their website, just visit it and select any coupons for example: “15% off your next purchase” or “Free coke/coffee”.

Laredo Taco Company

Stripes offer different types of food such as sandwiches, pizzas, desserts, and many more. One of the newly added food-related services in Laredo Taco Company is where you can buy Mexican tacos that are served inside Stripes stores. You just need to choose the type of taco that you want and pay for it.

Laredo Taco breakfast menu consists of sausage or bacon taco, ham and cheese taco, egg & cheese taco. Laredo Taco lunch menu includes beef taquitos nacho, chicken fajitas torta, Mexican rice burrito etc. For more information about tacos, you can visit their official website.

The lunch menu includes several sandwiches such as beef or chicken fajita sandwiches, chicken wings, steak and cheese sandwiches etc.

You can also find many different types of pizzas such as Mexican pizza, pepperoni pizza, and personal pan pizzas just to name a few. Laredo Taco Company is a place where you can eat a quick meal for almost $4 if not more definitely less than $8.

Besides Mexican food, they also offer a salsa bar where you can add different sauces to your meal. They make their own ​​salsa from fresh vegetables and spices.

Beverages at Stripes

These convenience stores have a wide variety of cold drinks as well as hot drinks. For instance, if you want to drink Coca-Cola from an original can, this is probably the most popular beverage in Stripes stores.

You will find Mountain Dew with different flavors such as: Mango Heat or Pitch Black that can be bought with a two-liter bottle or 20 oz. glass bottle.

As for the coffee it has lots of different flavors too and you can choose any type of taste that suits your needs best. Furthermore, they have tea bags, juice bottles, and even energy drinks including Monster Energy Drink.

​Stripes is also known for their snacks consisting of chips or beef jerky for example Lay’s Lays Family Size Chips, Fritos, Hint of Lime Chips. Besides, they also offer different types of candies such as: Snickers or Milky Way chocolate bars or even Gummy Bears.

Why Stripes?

They have a good selection of groceries too and they are very popular because of the low prices. If you want to buy some baby products from them you can find Baby Wipes, diapers, toothpaste among other related items that include detergent for example soap.

As Stripes is a small convenience store it doesn’t have many employees working there just around 10-12 people on average per location. However, being a small company Stripes still has its own benefits, for instance, it hires teenagers who maybe cannot find secure jobs elsewhere so this is a great opportunity for them especially since they provide transportation for their employees.

Is Stripe a legitimate company?

Stripes is a privately owned company that was founded in 1987. The headquarters of this convenience store chain is located in Dallas, Texas. In fact, Stripes has its own subsidiary as well known as Stripes Convenience Stores Inc.

In addition to being privately owned the other good thing about Stripes is that they give back to their communities and support various charitable causes too such as: Make-A-Wish Foundation or the American Cancer Society.

Although Stripes offers many different products and services there’s only one problem with them – it’s not always easy to find their stores because they don’t have many locations across the US mostly due to the lower demand for such types of convenience stores compared 7-Eleven or Wawa for instance.

However, Stripes is a great place where everyone can find something they need – whether you’re trying to buy groceries, eat tacos, pizza or even baby products at low prices.

Is Stripe a dodgy?

They are thought to be a really good card processor when it comes to payment processing. Their rates are better than most merchant account providers out there particularly if you have a low ticket or high volume of transactions.

It is also worth mentioning that Stripes has an average rating of 4.5 stars on Google Reviews so this shows how much customers appreciate their service too.

These facts show that Stripes is a legitimate company in the US and you should not be afraid to work with them when it comes to your business because they truly care about customer satisfaction.

So, is Stripe safe for debit cards? Yes, as it is a legal company and they have been around for more than 10 years. They also take care of their employees which makes them an exceptional employer.

In addition to that Stripes offer different types of bonuses including refer a friend program or cashback offers that can be redeemed for gas or groceries.

For instance, you can choose any bonus from the list offered by Stripe. Once you redeem your bonus, you will automatically get a credit on your account. It’s straightforward so even if this is your first time working with Striped you won’t have any issues with understanding how it works.

What is 7Reward from Stripes?

This is a private loyalty program that uses special 7Reward points. You can only make use of this program if you are a Stripes Rewards member which you can sign up at any given time for free on their website.

7Rewards make it possible to redeem prizes such as: free tacos, ice cream or snacks depending on how many points you have earned that day. Points begin to accumulate once you pay with your registered card.


Stripes offer a job opportunity at their store and they are looking for various duties. Some of them include cashiers, petro-checker, stockers etc.

It is possible to apply online or in-person depending on the location where you want to work. If you prefer a simple checkout process you can make use of their self-checkout where you don’t need a cashier to help you out with your groceries or other items that you have bought from Stripes stores. You just have to scan the barcodes from your items and then pay for them using a credit card or even by cash if this is an option available in particular locations.

If you want to become a part of their team you will have to go through a job interview and find out more about what they expect from you. In any case, Stripes want their employees to be helpful towards customers as well as tidy and reliable.

Delivery with Stripes App

These days it is quite important whether the store has delivery services or not. If you want to use the Stripes app for this purpose, you can do it whenever it is open and ready to serve your needs. At the moment, they have a delivery service in Dallas, Texas area, or even some other cities if you are going to order from there as well. If you go through their website it is possible to check what stores offer a delivery service.

Bottom line

Stripes is a small convenience store company offering groceries, drinks, or other types of snacks from Mexican cuisine or even from different categories such as bread or baby products, etc.

They take pride in their 7Rewards loyalty program which makes it easier for them to give back something special to their faithful customers. Also, you can apply for a job at Stripes if this sounds interesting to you especially since they provide transportation services for those who don’t have a car or just cannot find ways around town due to limited resources.

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