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Have you heard about Geico?

Geico is an auto insurance provider. Geico’s headquarters lie in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and employs more than 33 thousand people across the United States of America.

Geico was founded in 1936 as a “Government Employees Insurance Company” by Leo Goodwin Sr. and his wife Lillian Goodwin. The company, which began with only $11,000 in the capital, now has a net worth of over 26 billion dollars.

Geico offers several different types of insurance including car, motorcycle, boat, ATV/recreational vehicle (RV) , home business package, homeowners insurance, renters insurance, condo insurance, mobile home owners insurance, umbrella liability coverage, classic cars and small businesses. Geico also offers 24-hour roadside assistance for all of its insured customers.

They also offer property insurance and umbrella insurance.

Geico’s main competitors are State Farm, Progressive, Mercury Insurance Group, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Allstate Corp., Farmers Insurance Group, American Family Insurance Group, Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Co., The General Automobile Insurance Company, and Kemper Corporation.

Important Update on COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Geico’s working hours can vary, or maybe the spot can be currently closed as a consequence of quarantine limits. Check out the specifics of delivery choices on the local website of Geico.

Geico tweaked their shopping hours to permit employees a little extra time to clean as well as resupply goods on racks. Added to that, numerous Geico locations have recently set up distinct shopping hours for members of the at-chance class.

What time does Geico open?

Monday24 hours
Tuesday24 hours
Wednesday24 hours
Thursday24 hours
Friday24 hours
Saturday24 hours
Sunday24 hours

If you have other questions like ‘Does Geico work on weekends?’, ‘What are the working hours for Geico?’ or ‘When does Geico close?’ – the answer will be always the same, as they work 24 hours, every day.

The roots of Geico company

In 1936 Leo Goodwin created Geico insurance. He relocated the company in 1937 from San Antonio to Washington and moved his company and family to Chevy Chase, Maryland in the early 1950s.

In 1958 Goodwin retired from Geico and he passed away in 1993 from natural causes. The Goodwins were the only family to keep control of Geico for its entire 74-year history as a publicly-traded company, and they went on to found the Goodwin Family Foundation.

Lorimer Davidson took his place and helped the company to grow insurance premiums fivefold over the next ten years.

In 1974 Geico was under the Kreeger`s control, which used one of the company`s insurance premiums to help it get through some rough waters.

In 1996 Geico was sold by Rupert Murdoch for $2.5 billion. It became a wholly-owned part of Berkshire Hathaway. That meant Warren Buffett was the CEO, and Geico had a permanent seat on Berkshire`s Board of Directors.

By 1998, Warren Buffett had acquired a 10 percent stake in the capital Geico held at that time for more than $600 million. One year later Geico has become Berkshire Hathaway’s second-largest position.

On October 25, 2005, during an announcement on CNBC, Tony Nicely revealed that he would retire as CEO of GEICO at the end of 2006 with David H. Long becoming his successor. His previous plan had been to retire around the end of 2007, but due to concerns over whether or not he be able to work with David Long, he brought forward his retirement.

On March 30, 2006, Warren Buffett revealed in his letter to shareholders that GEICO is probably “Berkshire’s most significant purchase.” Since then the company has become Berkshire Hathaway’s largest position.

Geico opened its first official webpage on September 2nd 1996.

Geico Holiday Hours – Close

January 1New Year’s Day
November 28Thanksgiving Day
December 25Christmas Day
February 22George Washington`s Birthday
January 21Martin Luther King Day
May 27Memorial Day
July 4Independence Day
September 2Labor Day
October 14Columbus Day
November 11Veteran`s Day

Geico Holiday Hours – Close

February 14Valentine’s Day
February 18President’s Day
March 5Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
March 17St. Patrick’s Day
April 19Good Friday
April 21Easter Sunday
April 22Easter Monday
May 5Cinco de Mayo
June 16Father’s Day
May 12Mother’s Day
October 31Halloween
November 29Black Friday
December 24Christmas Eve

What are the Geico companies’ locations?

Geico provides services in 50 states of the United States and in the District of Columbia. Geico also serves on some islands of the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, but not on the major continental ones such as Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa and others.

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Why you should consider Geico as your insurance provider?

By choosing Geico as their insurance provider, customers can take advantage of many different types of coverage for one low price. Many times, those who are looking to get commercial auto liability coverage will get lower rates if they also have a business owners policy (BOP) with the same company . This is because having these two policies through the same insurer often qualifies them for numerous discounts.

What does Geico offer?

Geico has several different products for consumers to choose from. Their website states that they can save you 15% or more on car insurance. They offer savings with bundling (combining home and auto policies), good student discounts (for high school or college students) and discounts for taking defensive driving courses. When it comes to their motorcycle policy, Geico provides coverage for only three states.


Geico offers insurance services for many different types of autos, from motorcycles to scooters. In fact, Geico only covers three states when it comes to motorcycle coverage. If a motorcycle is included in a home or business owner’s policy, then that can help get an individual a lower rate.

Geico also offers RV insurance and commercial auto coverage. Some of the types of vehicles that Geico does not cover include: mopeds, off-road vehicles, and boats.

Their plans include Geico Auto Insurance, Geico Car Insurance, and Geico Commercial Auto Coverage. You can choose the policy that best fits the needs of your car, motorcycle or RV. Geico provides RV insurance in some states, but they do not cover travel trailers or pop-up campers. Many individuals who search for RV insurance also want to make sure their home is covered while the vehicle is being towed on the road. Luckily, Geico has partnered with another insurer who specializes in this type of policy – National General Insurance Company.


As well as your personal transport, Geico also offers boat insurance. If you own a boat that is not used as part of your business, then it will typically require separate coverage from your car or other vehicles. You can choose the level of protection (liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage) that best fits your needs.

Their plans for boats include Geico Motorboat Insurance, Geico Boat Insurance and Geico Commercial Watercraft Coverage. One may select between different types of boats and sizes to get a policy that fits the needs and budget.


One of the main reasons individuals choose to get homeowners insurance is for liability protection. If someone slips on your property or gets hurt playing in your yard, then you could be held responsible. This type of coverage can also protect you if there are fires, floods, thefts, vandalism, or other incidents that occur on your property.

Geico offers several different types of plans for homeowners. You can choose from plans that cover replacement costs or cash value costs. Replacement cost policies pay the current market value of an item rather than its original purchase price. Cash value plans offer a policyholder with their initial principal sum plus a guaranteed rate of interest. The policyholder can also borrow against their value to meet short-term needs

Their plans for homeowners include Geico Home Insurance, Geico Condo Insurance and Geico Renters Insurance. If you are looking for commercial liability insurance then you should compare the prices that Geico offers with other commercial liability insurance providers. So, you have an opportunity to opt from different company’s offers, so it is important to compare companies.

What about business insurance?

Geico company, though focusing on auto and real estate insurance, also provides an opportunity for the clients to get business insurance. In this case, you have an opportunity to compare the rates of Geico with other companies that can help you get better deals on your requests.

Geico offers a variety of plans for businesses, including Business Auto Insurance, Commercial Truck Insurance, and Business Owners Policy. One may choose from different types of coverage depending on their needs and budget. These include liability, property damage, medical payments or physical damage protection. All these options are available for individuals who run small companies, corporations or LLCs.

Thus, depending on your needs, Geico offers a variety of plans and coverage types you can choose from. Whether you’re looking to insure your home, boat or car, this company has you covered. It is up to the client to compare plans and find the one that fits their budget and provides adequate coverage.

What is their additional insurance?

Life, umbrella, pet, travel, overseas…there are loads of insurance offerings you can get from Geico.

This insurance provider offers a variety of policies that will be tailored to your needs, whether they are for cars, homes or businesses. They offer competitive rates on all kinds of plans, but one may need to do some additional research in order to get the best deals available. So, when you have a chance, ask Geico for more competitive quotes from different companies and compare them in order to get the best deal.

Just be sure that you go through the comparison process in order to get adequate coverage at affordable rates. By doing so you will ensure that your business or home is secure and that no accidents happen while both on or off your property. One should not forget about liability protection and take it into consideration every time one chooses an insurance plan.

Is Geico really good insurance?

One of the main reasons individuals choose to get homeowners insurance is for liability protection. If someone slips on your property or gets hurt playing in your yard, then you could be held responsible. This type of coverage can also protect you if there are fires, floods, thefts, vandalism or other incidents that occur on your property.

There’s a lot more to know about GEICO and its policies before you make a decision. As we said above all these plans cover different types of services and some may cover damages like fire, windstorms, theft and vandalism and so on. Also, each plan has specific conditions that must be met in order to claim the payment. Some plans require special policies such as Fire & Theft others offer customized Emergency Roadside Assistance. Other plans do not cover items like floods, earthquakes or carjacking.

So, if you want to make sure whether your plan covers these conditions or not, you should read all the terms and conditions regarding the insurance policy carefully by yourself. Also, a good piece of advice is not to forget about discounts that can be applied in certain cases. For example for students, there are special programs that will help them get lower rates on their policies. You can also look into Geico’s customer service phone number and ask some questions before making a decision about it.


Is GEICO really the cheapest?

The company has one of the cheapest insurance policies for young drivers. They offer good coverage that will protect you if something bad happens, while not breaking your back.

In other words, Geico is a reputable insurance provider that has been around since the 1930s and they have been working hard to provide individuals with a variety of plans and options. You can get quotes from them at any time, compare rates and find out which plan best fits your needs. Be sure to check individual cases when it comes to discounts.

How do I find my GEICO policy number?

A policy number can be noticed at the email, your billing statement, or the Emergency Road Service ID card. You can find this number in your policy details or on the ID card you have received.

When you are preparing for an accident, the first thing to do is contact GEICO’s Emergency Road Service. You can do so by calling (800) 841-2964.

Does GEICO raise rates after a first accident?

The company doesn`t raise rates after an accident, but they are known to raise rates for people with at-fault accidents on their records. If you have difficulty finding cheap car insurance in general, it may be worth your while to look into GEICO’s discounts.

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