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Wendy’s is a fast food restaurant with locations across the United States. According to the company, all food is prepared fresh, unlike many other fast food chains.

The user is advised to pay attention to the location of the restaurant while playing the game.

This kind of game, called “Fast Food Restaurant Simulator”, is used in many fast food establishments in the U.S., which were given access to the “Duck and Cover” game to test whether their customers had the same problems as some of the gamers that started being found playing the video game at these locations and some of them have reported even worse results than the ones that reported it previously. As you may know, Duck Hunt’s owner DQ Entertainment is known for his “Kangaroos-themed” arcade game, that has an incredible story behind it.

Important Update on COVID-19

In reaction to coronavirus, Wendy’s shopping hours may fluctuate, or even the place may be momentarilly shut as a result of quarantine limits. Browse the specifics of shipping and delivery options on the official website from the Wendy’s.

Wendy’s adjusted their shopping hours allowing employees some additional time for cleaning and also to restock merchandise on shelving. Additionally, a lot of Wendy’s locations have now established specific shopping hrs for members of the at-threat community.

What time does Wendy’s open?

Monday 10:00AM-12:00AM
Tuesday 10:00AM-12:00AM
Wednesday 10:00AM-12:00AM
Thursday 10:00AM-12:00AM
Friday 10:00AM-12:00AM
Saturday 10:00AM-12:00AM
Sunday 10:00AM-12:00AM

Is Wendy’s open today? Is Wendy’s open tomorrow?

Is Wendy’s open on Sunday? Yes, it is open

Wendy’s closing time

What time does Wendy’s close? It closes at 12AM

Wendy’s Holiday Hours – Open

Date Holiday
January 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 14 Valentine’s Day
February 18 President’s Day
March 5 Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
March 17 St. Patrick’s Day
April 19 Good Friday
April 22 Easter Monday
May 5 Cinco de Mayo
May 27 Memorial Day
July 04 Independence Day
September 02 Labor Day
June 16 Father’s Day
May 12 Mother’s Day
October 14 Columbus Day
October 31 Halloween
November 11 Veterans Day
November 28 Thanksgiving Day
November 29 Black Friday
December 24 Christmas Eve
December 26 Day after Christmas
January 01 New Year’s Day
December 31 New Year’s Eve

Wendy’s Holiday Hours – Closed

Date Holiday
April 21 Easter Sunday
December 25 Christmas Day

Wendy’s near me

Wendy’s store locator

 Contacting Wendy’s

Phone Number: The phone number for customer service is 1-888-624-8140. The customer service representative that answers your call can tell you the Wendys store business hours for your local Wendys.

Email Contact: You can contact the customer service department if you need to verify Wendy’s store business hours in your area. There is no contact form, but there is a direct email address for the customer relations department. There is no mention of how long it will take for the customer service to respond to your email. You can expect a wait of 24 to 48 business hours.

Mail: The mailing address for Wendys store business hours is: The Wendys Company One Dave Thomas Blvd. Dublin, OH 43017

Social Media: We found multiple social media websites that customers can use to contact customer service about Wendys store business hours. The social media websites include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus and YouTube.

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  1. My 5 stars are for the workers … For a while, I have come here and seen some positive changes. The workers are also very supportive and supportive. That’s one important reason why I’m here. You always felt rejected, or that when you made a proposal, you annoyed the workers. Yet even that has changed significantly. I know the drive will take some time.

  2. The food is decent but 3/5 days, I don’t like spicy nuggets at all nuggets, they’re still messing up my order on chicken nuggets. I just go honestly for the spicy lol nuggets. Not often it happens as I would like.

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