Smoothie King hours

Who is Smoothie King?

Smoothie King is a food retailer that specializes in selling smoothies and other healthy drinks. The company was founded in 1973 by Steve Kuhnau, who started out as a small smoothie shop in Louisiana.

Smoothie King has since grown into a nationwide chain, with many locations across the United States. The company’s mission is to help people live a healthier lifestyle by offering nutritious and delicious smoothies made with real fruit and vegetables.

It offers a variety of different types of smoothies, all of which are made with fresh fruits and vegetables. There are also several vegans and gluten-free options available. In addition to smoothies, Smoothie King also sells healthy snacks and supplements. This is a great choice for people who are looking for a healthy and delicious snack or drink.

The popularity came to be a Smoothie King due to the unique flavors, healthy recipes, and nutritional benefits the Smoothie King Menu offers. It’s not only a place to get a quick and satisfying snack or meal, but it’s also a great source for learning about how to make healthier choices for your lifestyle.

Important Update on COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Smoothie King working hours can vary, or maybe the spot can be currently closed as a consequence of quarantine limits. Check out the specifics of delivery choices on the local website of Smoothie King.

Smoothie King tweaked their operating hours to permit employees a little extra time to clean as well as resupply goods on racks. Added to that, numerous Smoothie King locations have recently set up distinct shopping hours for members of the at-chance class.

What time does Smoothie King open?

Monday07:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Tuesday07:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Wednesday07:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Thursday07:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Friday07:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Saturday09:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM – 07:00 PM

Other questions concerning their working hours

Is Smoothie King open on Sundays? – They work every day.

What are Smoothie King hrs for today? – This information you can find in our tables with working hours and in case you need a certain store – examine the official webpage.

What time does Smoothie King close? – On weekdays and Saturdays they close at 9 pm, on Sundays they close at 7 pm.

Are they open right now? – You need to look at the table above.

The history of Smoothie King company

Steve and Cindy Kuhnau founded Smoothie King in 1973. The first store was located in Kenner, Louisiana. The company’s original product was a fruit-based drink called “The Original Smoothie”, which was made with fresh fruit, ice cream, and milk. This was followed by the introduction of other flavor varieties, including the “Strawberry Banana Blaster”, “Peach Pleasure”, and “Tropical Storm”.

In 1980, the Kuhnau’s sold the Smoothie King company to T.J. Lambrecht and Dave Reynolds. The two men continued to operate the stores using the same recipes and procedures that the Kuhnau’s had developed.

The menu expanded as well. With the addition of the “Glow Bowl”, “Garden Fresh Salads & Wraps”, and “Fitness Blends”, Smoothie King now offers a wide variety of healthy food options. In 10 years this food retailer was selling 100 million smoothies.

In 2012 it became a privately-held company once again when it was purchased by an investment group led by SK Global. Wan Kim became the CEO and Smoothie King began its international expansion. He helped to grow the company to over 1,000 stores. Also, he changed the menu where Smoothie King products were made with whole fruits and vegetables versus relying on powders.

In 2014 Smoothie King signed the contract with  New Orleans Pelicans and started to be the sponsor of the team. Today, Smoothie King is available in locations across the United States and in 8 countries internationally. It is still a privately-owned company with Wan Kim as the CEO.

Smoothie King Holiday Hours – Close

November 28Thanksgiving Day
December 25Christmas Day
April 15Easter Day

Smoothie King Holiday Hours – Open

February 14Valentine’s Day
February 18President’s Day
March 5Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
March 17St. Patrick’s Day
April 19Good Friday
April 21Easter Sunday
April 22Easter Monday
May 5Cinco de Mayo
June 16Father’s Day
May 12Mother’s Day
October 31Halloween
November 29Black Friday

How many locations does Smoothie King have?

The company holds more than 1000 locations across the United States and South Korea. They operate in such states as Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and more. The first international store was opened in South Korea in 2013. The headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas.

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Are Smoothie King smoothies healthy?

This is a question that has been asked time and time again, with no definitive answer. There are pros and cons to Smoothie King smoothies, just like any other type of food.

On the one hand, Smoothie King smoothies can be packed with healthy fruits and vegetables, which can provide you with essential vitamins and minerals. They can also be a good source of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. Additionally, many Smoothie King smoothies are low in calories and sugar, making them a healthy option for those looking to lose weight or manage their blood sugar levels.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that not all of Smoothie King’s smoothies are equally healthy. Some of their more indulgent flavors can be high in calories, sugar, and unhealthy additives. So, if you’re looking for a healthy smoothie option, be sure to choose one of their more simple and wholesome flavors.

In general, Smoothie King smoothies are a healthy snack or meal option, as long as you choose wisely from their menu. Just be sure to avoid the high-calorie and sugary options, and stick with those that are packed with whole fruits and vegetables.

What is on the menu?

For their clients, Smoothie King offers an excellent variety of menu items. There are different categories for those who want to eat healthily, lose weight or have a meal replacement.

From the “Balance” Meal Replacement line which includes a full day’s worth of vitamins and minerals to the “Light” Smoothies for people counting their calorie intake to the “Fruit & Veggie” line with its all-natural ingredients, everyone can find something according to their needs.

One important note: some of the smoothies on the menu contain dairy and others do not. If you are lactose intolerant or have another dairy allergy, be sure to check the ingredient list before ordering.

There are some positions from the menu:

  • Fruit & Veggie Smoothies
  • Light Smoothies
  • Balance Smoothies
  • Protein Shakes
  • Kids Blends

There are also much more products for you to choose from. The clean blends, the performance smoothies, and many more.

What is Smoothie King’s most popular smoothie?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it varies from location to location. However, some of Smoothie King’s most popular smoothies include the Strawberry Banana and the Mango Tango.

Smoothie King’s menu is packed with healthy and delicious options, so it’s no surprise that their smoothies are some of the most popular in the world. Be sure to check out their website or local store for a full list of flavors.

Does Smoothie King have a secret menu?

Smoothie King does not have a secret menu, but they do have a variety of delicious smoothies that are perfect for any occasion. You can find something to meet your every need on their comprehensive menu.

Still, they have some hidden extra in their menu, for those who want to explore more of their options. What is inside those extra options, that is up to you to find out!

Smoothie for sport and health

If you like fitness or want to gain muscles you need to consume protein. Protein is essential for the growth and development of muscle tissue. That’s why a lot of athletes drink shakes made with protein powder after a workout.

However, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the benefits of drinking protein shakes. In fact, many people who are looking to improve their health or lose weight enjoy smoothies made with whey protein powder as a meal replacement or snack.

For these purposes, Smoothie King offers a wide variety of smoothies made with whey protein. You can find a variety of flavors including banana, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. There are also many different types of Smoothie King smoothies that cater to different health needs.

For example, the Slim n’ Trim smoothie is designed to help with weight loss while the Fit n’ Furious smoothie is perfect for those who are looking to boost their energy levels.

No matter what your fitness goals are, you can find a Smoothie King smoothie that will help you meet them. So next time you’re in the mood for something healthy and refreshing, head on over to Smoothie King and enjoy one of their delicious protein shakes!

Kids menu

Families with kids will be glad to hear that Smoothie King also has a great kids menu. The menu includes a variety of smoothies made with fruit juice, as well as grilled chicken or turkey sandwiches and Yogurt Parfaits. There’s something for everyone on the Smoothie King kids menu, so be sure to check it out next time you’re in one of their stores!

Besides, their kid`s menu has not only smoothies but also sandwiches and yogurt parfaits. This is great for families with children because they can find something that both they and their children will enjoy.

What about allergens?

Smoothie King cares about clients with special dietary needs and offers menu items that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. So no matter what your dietary restrictions are, you can still enjoy a delicious smoothie from Smoothie King.

You will definitely find a drink that meets your needs and taste buds! Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack or a delicious meal replacement, Smoothie King has you covered.

Is Smoothie King good for losing weight?

Smoothie King offers a variety of smoothies that are perfect for those who are looking to lose weight. In addition, their store locations offer free nutritional counseling from qualified staff members who can help you create a diet plan that meets your specific needs.

Some of those smoothies that will be good to cut the calories and help with the weight loss are: Slim n’ Trim, Skinny Blends, and Fit ‘n Full. Also, they offer a great variety of flavors so you will not get bored while trying to lose weight.

How many calories are in a Smoothie King smoothie?

The number of calories in a Smoothie King smoothie varies depending on the size and flavor of the smoothie you choose. However, all of their smoothies are made with fresh fruit and vegetables, so you can be sure that you’re getting a healthy snack or meal replacement.

Some of their most popular flavors include the banana strawberry blast, which has 240 calories, and the mango pineapple passionate which has 210. If you’re looking for a lower-calorie smoothie, Smoothie King has many options to choose from. So no matter what your needs are, you can find a perfect smoothie at Smoothie King!

What Smoothie King makes you gain weight?

For sports professionals who need to gain weight in a healthy way, some of the best options at Smoothie King are the Gladiator and the Xtreme Gainz. These two shakes have more calories than others, but they also provide important nutrients that help athletes recover from workouts and perform at their best.

You need to take into consideration that even when these two smoothies have more calories, they also have the nutrients necessary to help you recover from workouts and perform your best. If you are looking to gain weight in a healthy way, then these are some of the best options for you from Smoothie King.

When trying to bulk up and build muscle, it’s important to consume enough protein. The Gladiator smoothie contains 50 grams of protein, while the Xtreme Gainz has 60 grams. Both of these shakes will help you reach your fitness goals in a delicious and nutritious way!

Is Smoothie King a good post workout?

Smoothie King offers a variety of smoothies that are perfect for those who are looking to refuel after a workout. In addition, their store locations offer free nutritional counseling from qualified staff members who can help you create a post-workout meal plan that meets your specific needs.

Some of their most popular post-workout smoothies include the Muscle Builder, which contains 20 grams of protein, and the Energy Booster, which is packed with electrolytes and vitamin C. So no matter what your needs are, Smoothie King has you covered!

What about pre-workout?

Smoothie King also offers a variety of smoothies that are perfect for those who are looking to fuel up before a workout. In addition, their store locations offer free nutritional counseling from qualified staff members who can help you create a pre-workout meal plan that meets your specific needs.

Some of their most popular pre-workout smoothies include the Pre-Game, which is loaded with electrolytes and caffeine, and the Endurance, which contains carbs and protein for sustained energy. So no matter what your needs are, Smoothie King has you covered!

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