Aldi Hours

For almost 40 years now, ALDI has been serving its customers inclined to the same principles: quality shouldn’t be based on price, rather high quality should be provided with low prices.

This great company was founded by two German brothers with the first store opening back in 1961. That makes ALDI the first discounter store in the world with its headquarters based in Batavia, Illinois. Currently, ALDI has thousands and thousands of outlets spread over 35 states and employs more than 25,000 folks in the US alone. It has several thousand other stores in other parts of the world.

What they do

Generally, Aldi company is one of the biggest grocery stores in the world with numerous outlets all over. The company looks to be the leading chain-grocery company delivering very high-quality foods among other basic essentials to its customers at relatively low, or rather affordable prices. The company offers one of the simplest and easiest shopping experiences which helps their customers save time while enjoying affordable shopping.

Under their Aldi exclusive brands, the company offers hand-selected products featuring an exceedingly high quality of course, at an affordable price. Additionally, the chain store has included a doorstep deliver shopping approach that allows a consumer to order their products online and have them delivered at their doorstep within a very short period of time. Essentially, this company looks to give an unforgettable shopping experience to all its customers and clients affordably without any hassle. Remember that quality is guaranteed.

Important Update on COVID-19

Because of COVID-19, Aldi working hours may vary, or the location could be momentarilly sealed as a result of quarantine limitations. Browse the terms of shipping alternatives on the official website of your Aldi.

Aldi adjusted their shopping hrs to enable employees additional time for cleaning and to resupply items on shelves. On top of that, many Aldi places have now created specific shopping hrs for individuals the at-danger group.

What time does Aldi open?

Monday 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Tuesday 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Wednesday 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Thursday 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Friday 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Saturday 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM
Sunday 09:00 AM – 08:00 PM

Is Aldi open today? Is Aldi open tomorrow?

Is Aldi open on Sunday? Yes, it’s open.

Aldi closing time

What time does Aldi close? Usually, it closes at 08:00 PM.

Mission and vision

Aldi Nord has around 5,293 stores distributed through North Germany, Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain and some parts of the United States of America. On the other hand, Aldi Sud has approximately 5,941 stores all over southern Germany, Austria, Australia, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland, United Kingdom and also some stretches of the United States of America. In total, Aldi has over 11,230 outlets all over the world.

Aldi is one of the best, if not the best, reliable and most convenient grocery store in the world. It has seen much growth and development since its foundation and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Aldi Holiday Hours – Open

Date Holiday
January 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 14 Valentine’s Day
February 18 President’s Day
March 5 Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
March 17 St. Patrick’s Day
April 19 Good Friday
April 22 Easter Monday
May 5 Cinco de Mayo
May 27 Memorial Day
July 04 Independence Day
June 16 Father’s Day
May 12 Mother’s Day
September 02 Labor Day
October 14 Columbus Day
October 31 Halloween
November 11 Veterans Day
November 29 Black Friday
December 24 Christmas Eve
December 26 Day after Christmas
December 31 New Year’s Eve

Aldi Holiday Hours – Closed

Date Holiday
December 25 Christmas Day
January 01 New Year’s Day
April 21 Easter Sunday
November 28 Thanksgiving Day

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Why should you choose Aldi?

The company name, Aldi, is a short form derived from Albrecht Discount. The company was originally founded and opened in Essen, Germany by one great woman Anna Albrecht back in 1913. In 1948, Anna’s sons, Theo and Karl took over the management of the store. Since then, the foundation has steadily and consistently grown to include multiple thousand stores all around the world.

By 1960, the chain had over 300 outlets. However, that same year witnessed the splitting of the shops after the fallout of the two brothers from whether or not they should sell cigarettes in their chain stores. This led to the splitting of Aldi into Aldi Nord, operating in the North of German and Aldi Sud which had its operations based in the south.

Aldi Sud was taken over by Karl Albrecht. Both Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud went on to grow to one of the largest foundations the world has ever seen. Currently, Karl is in his 90s and was ranked as the wealthiest man in Germany by Forbes.


Is Aldis cheaper than Walmart?

Both Aldi and Walmart offer their store brands for less than name brands, but Aldi comes out a little cheaper. The package from Walmart does include five more bags than Aldi, but the cost per bag is still the deciding factor.

Is Aldi’s owned by Trader Joe’s?

Aldi does own Trader Joe’s, but it is not the Aldi chain familiar to North American shoppers. Trader Joe’s is owned by Aldi Nord, which was formed when the two brothers who founded the Albrecht Discount chain in Germany parted ways. Aldi Sud oversees Aldi US operations.

Is Aldi food good quality?

Offerings have been updated as well. “They carry a lot of fresh food, produce and meat,” Greutman said. “Actually only one aisle is frozen and in the past it was a lot of frozen food.” Another notable change, she said, is “They made a big push on organic, they have a phenomenal line of organic food that is amazing.

Where does Aldi’s food come from?

While the majority of food sold in Aldi US stores is manufactured in the United States, Aldi does continue to source seafood from China.

Is Aldi low quality?

The deals might be great, but sometimes items go bad quickly. In a 2015 Consumer Reports survey, Aldi earned high marks overall but relatively low scores for perishable items, such as fruits and vegetables.

What does Aldi mean in German?

Most German towns and villages have at least one Aldi shop. There are about 4,100 stores in Germany, and 7,600 worldwide. The name of the shop stands for ALbrecht-DIscount. The company is a food retailer, but it also sells non-food at times.

Who owns Aldi in the US?

Owned by a German company called Albrecht Discounts, ALDI is a discount grocery chain that started in Germany in 1948. Decidedly no frills, the company stocks virtually all house-brand products, all offered at very low prices thanks to exclusive deals with their suppliers, many of which are big-name producers.

Why is Aldi so cheap UK?

They have a small selection, which means smaller stores

Since they don’t have national brands, they have less to warehouse and display in the store. This means having smaller stores compared to most other grocery retailers, and in return, smaller rent prices!

Is Aldi ethical?

Aldi holds itself to high ethical standards, and in many ways, the company succeeds. Practices such as local sourcing of food, reduced energy consumption and paying employees well over the minimum wage show that Aldi takes its commitment to ethical operations seriously.

Where does Aldi milk come from?

Aldi milk comes from the same U.S. dairy farms, located all over the country, from which name brand milk is sourced. Aldi buy the milk wholesale, have it put in their own private label packaging, Friendly Farms, and have it distributed to their store locations.

Where does Aldi eggs come from?

Aldi’s cheaper eggs are branded Goldhen, which are sourced from Rose Acre Farms, one of the country’s largest egg suppliers (Aldi Reviewer and Dun & Bradstreet). Rose Acre Farms, unfortunately, does not have the best rap sheet.

Are there 2 different Aldi?

Today, there are actually two different companies: Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud, or North and South. In the 1960s, Theo and Karl Albrecht couldn’t agree on whether or not they were going to allow their stores to sell cigarettes.

Is Aldi meat good UK?

As part of Aldi’s commitment to championing Great British quality, many of our products are sourced from the UK. In fact, our entire core range of fresh meat and milk is from British, Red Tractor approved farms. We are the market leader in the amount of fresh produce we sell which is British.

Is Aldi or Trader Joe’s cheaper?

Trader Joe’s has extremely competitive prices, but Aldi is cheaper. In fact, it was the cheapest grocery store in the country (more on why later), according to this 2014 Huffington Post article, which adds objective oomph to my anecdotal blathering.