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Smart & Final is a supply chain of Commerce, California warehouse, and supply stores that have grown through various fusions and expansions.

Although Smart & Final business is targeted at households and food services, Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores (formerly Cash & Carry) is now operating and selling to professionals in the foodservice industry. It runs more than 250 shops in the West and 15 in North-West Mexico.

What time does Smart & Final open?

Monday06:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday06:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday06:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday06:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday06:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday06:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday06:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Is Smart & Final open today? Is Smart & Final open tomorrow?

Is Smart & Final open on Sunday? Yes, it’s open.

Smart & Final closing time

What time does Smart & Final close? Usually, it closes at 10:00 PM.


Smart & Final is one of the longest ever grocery retailers in the United States, working under two banners: “Smart & Final” and “Smart & Final Extra!”

Smart & Final operates in more than 250 food and grocery stores in California, Arizona, and Nevada, with additional stores in Northern Mexico functioning through a joint venture. Their history dates back to 1871 in Los Angeles.

Smart & Final Holiday Hours – Open

January 21Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 14Valentine’s Day
February 18President’s Day
March 5Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
March 17St. Patrick’s Day
April 19Good Friday
April 22Easter Monday
May 5Cinco de Mayo
May 27Memorial Day
July 04Independence Day
June 16Father’s Day
May 12Mother’s Day
September 02Labor Day
October 14Columbus Day
October 31Halloween
November 11Veterans Day
November 28Thanksgiving Day
November 29Black Friday
December 24Christmas Eve
December 26Day after Christmas
January 01New Year’s Day
December 31New Year’s Eve

Smart & Final Holiday Hours – Closed

April 21Easter Sunday
December 25Christmas Day

Smart & Final near me

Business Directions

Although all Smart & Final shops give the highest value in the industry, Smart & Final Extra! shops provide a wider variety of goods and supplies to families, firms, and groups, both for classic and club foods. Wise & Final Extra is perfect for one-stop shopping!

The shops combine stores with conventional goods, such as fresh produce, meat, fried foods, milk, delicacies, foods, and natural and organic products. If you go shopping or buy for your organization, arrange stock or prepare meals, host a party, or just want to cook dinner for your family, Smart & Final Extra! offers more than 3,000 club products, all at cheaper rates than typical supermarkets and without subscription fees for your everyday needs for food.

Smart & Final continues to follow its growth strategy, improving collection and supply options, and open up new stores to offer quality, value, and convenience to customers.


Key Facts

Smart & Final opens Smart & Final Extra! shops in 2008. These shops’ format proposed a broader store footprint and a more comprehensive range of products, and by the end of the year, there had already been eight shops.

During the next ten years, the company had been substantially growing, including the purchase of a dedicated peregrinate warehouse and ongoing investments in distribution and store marketing.

Smart & Final celebrated its 200th Extra! format store opening in 2018 at Long Beach – right where its original banner store was introduced.

Mission and vision

To protect personal information and make product and service information accessible to its customers, Smart & Final values its partnership with visitors and customers. Smart & Final love to help people who care about others.

And Smart&Final is committed to the people they serve. Smart & Final and the Smart & Final Charitable Foundation spend more than one million dollars and a thousand volunteer hours a year assisting their consumers and associates – promoting and enhancing millions’ lives in the fields of health and wellbeing, hunger reliefs, and emergence, education, and sports


Is Smart and Final like Costco?

Smart & Final’s brand is ranked #513 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Smart & Final.

What’s the difference between Smart and Final and Smart & Final Extra?

While all Smart & Final stores provide quality product at the great value of a warehouse store, Smart & Final Extra! stores have a larger format and provide an assortment of both club and traditional-sized groceries and supplies for households, businesses and organizations.

Is Smart and Final going out of business?

Smart & Final will be shutting down permanently early in 2021, possibly in January, with CVS prepared to take over a portion of the space at 3049 E. Coast Highway some time in 2022.

How much is Smart and Final worth?

Including Smart & Final’s debt, the deal has a total value of $1.1 billion, the companies said. Smart & Final, which was founded more than a century ago, operates 324 stores in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, Montana, Utah and Mexico.

Is Smart and Final cheaper than other grocery stores?

While we found Costco and Sam’s Club offered significant savings compared to even the lowest-priced local grocery store options, we found shopping at Smart & Final won’t net you savings compared to what you’d pay at Grocery Outlet, WinCo, Walmart, FoodMaxx, or Target.

Why is Smart and Final cheaper?

Smart & Final Extra! combines the high quality fresh produce of a farmers market, the low prices of a discount grocer and the large club size products of a traditional club store. But you don’t need to buy in bulk when you shop at Smart & Final Extra! We also carry thousands of items in smaller, convenient sizes.

Why is it called Smart and Final?

Smart & Final’s name comes from its founders

The name fits its shopping concept perfectly, with it being the first “cash and carry” supermarket, after all. However, Smart & Final’s original founders were named J.S. “Jim” Smart and H.D. “Hildane” Final, thus resulting in the name Smart & Final Wholesale Grocers.

Did US Foods Buy Smart and Final?

US Foods Holding Corp. has closed its $970 million acquisition of Smart Foodservice Warehouse Stores from the private equity owner of Smart & Final Stores. Portland, Ore.

Which is cheaper Winco or Smart and Final?

WinCo’s brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of WinCo. Smart & Final’s brand is ranked #513 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Smart & Final.

What’s cheaper Smart and Final or Ralphs?

Smart & Final Extra!

Customers also praise the prices, as one Yelper says, “This store is a lot cheaper to shop at in comparison to nearby Whole Foods, Target, and Ralph’s.”

What is Smart and Final Club items?

With more than 3,000 club-sized items and an assortment of quality, value-priced products, including farm-fresh produce, dairy, deli, meat and seafood, as well as grocery and household essentials, Smart & Final has your every need covered – all without a membership fee.

How long is Smart & Final been around?

The chain’s history dates back to 1871, when it was founded in Los Angeles under the name Hellman-Haas Grocery Co. “Smart & Final’s 150-year history is a testament to the tremendous value and service we have provided our customers for more than a century and a half,” Smart & Final CEO Dave Hirz said in a statement.

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