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Have you ever thought of where you can get all must-haves for your wardrobe? If yes, then the solution is Old Navy Company. This is a clothing company that stocks all accessories and clothes for both adults and children in North America. Similarly, the company also stocks and supplies technological gadgets to interested customers. Seasonal fashions such as jeans, t-shirts, tracksuits among others are made accessible to customers in various company stores.

This company makes shopping fun for customers by offering high quality and stylish garments for everyone who requires clothes. The fast growth of the company has been witnessed over the years. The first instance was in 1997 where it was the first retail shop to sell $1 billion annual sales barely four years in operation.

Currently, the company has over 1000 stores in various parts of the world as well as online fashion forums. Operations are coordinated from the company’s headquarters in San Francisco, California.

Important Update on COVID-19

In reaction to pandemic, Old Navy operating hours may vary, or even the spot could be temporarily shut as a result of quarantine constraints. Explore the information about delivery choices on the official website from the Old Navy.

Old Navy adjusted their shopping hrs to permit employees some extra time to clean as well as resupply products on shelves. Additionally, a lot of Old Navy branches have recently setup particular shopping hrs for people in the at-threat community.

What time does Old Navy open?

Monday 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 PM – 06:00 PM

Is Old Navy open today? Is Old Navy open tomorrow?

Is Old Navy open on Sunday? Yes, it is open

Old Navy closing time

What time does Old Navy close? Usually, it closes at 09:00 PM.


The company was founded in 1994 by Millard Drexler. It was named after a certain bar In Paris.

The founder had the idea of providing fashion for all persons and not just for the wealthy since in most cases prices hinder buyers from getting what they need. Within the first four years, the company gained fame after getting more sales. For a start, the company had only three stores based in California but within a period of two years, it had expanded to 130 more stores in the US. The growth was as a result of through advertising campaigns, which included entertainment celebrities to attract customer attention. Consequently, more stores were opened in Canada, Japan, China, and the Arab Emirates.

Due to the success of having voluminous sales, the company has been able to expand to other parts of the world.   Business interests and directions The business directs its strengths towards providing affordable and trendy fashions for most people in the world. Every family member is able to get accessories and essential clothing at relatively cheaper prices from the various stores of the company. It carries a popular brand of both casual and active clothing for every individual. The company has a permanent signature style of providing stylish jeans in the form of different washes. The marketing staffs of this company have invented a way of capturing the attention of impulse buyers by creating an interesting selling environment similar to a grocery. Revenues from sales have been greatly increased as a result of this tactic of sale. Having a personal touch with the customer via the internet has also contributed towards the growth of the fashion shops.

Old Navy Holiday Hours – Open

Date Holiday
January 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 14 Valentine’s Day
February 18 President’s Day
March 5 Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
March 17 St. Patrick’s Day
April 19 Good Friday
April 21 Easter Sunday
April 22 Easter Monday
May 5 Cinco de Mayo
May 27 Memorial Day
July 04 Independence Day
September 02 Labor Day
June 16 Father’s Day
May 12 Mother’s Day
October 14 Columbus Day
October 31 Halloween
November 11 Veterans Day
November 28 Thanksgiving Day
November 29 Black Friday
December 24 Christmas Eve
December 26 Day after Christmas
January 01 New Year’s Day
December 31 New Year’s Eve

Old Navy Holiday Hours – Closed

Date Holiday
December 25 Christmas Day

Old Navy near me

Old Navy store locator

Key facts about the company

  • The company is a subsidiary of Gap, Inc.
  • It possesses five flagship large stores located in Mexico City, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago.
  • The C.E.O of the company is Sonia Syngal.
  • Currently, the company has 1106 locations across the world.

Clothing is a basic need and thus every person would appreciate access to affordable and classy clothes and accessories.

This is what the Old Navy Company gives priority to meet customers’ needs as well as earn profit for future survival.

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