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Kwik Trip is a convenience store that was founded in 1965. It currently has locations across Minnesota, Northern Iowa, and Wisconsin. The company runs all stores under the names Tobacco Outlet Plus, Hearty Platter, Kwik Trip and Kwik Star Express. The name Kwik Star was adopted in Northern Iowa to prevent confusion with QuikTrip. 

Kwik Trip, Inc. is headquartered in La Crosse, Wisconsin and has over 500 locations. Today, it employs more than 18,000 co-workers that serve guests across its outlets. Its mission is to serve customers and the community effectively and to treat all its suppliers and partners in a manner anyone would want to be treated. 

What time does Kwik Trip open?

Monday  24 hours
Tuesday  24 hours
Wednesday  24 hours
Thursday  24 hours
Friday  24 hours
Saturday  24 hours
Sunday  24 hours 

Is Kwik Trip open today? Is Kwik Trip open tomorrow?

Is Kwik Trip open on Sunday? Yes, it is open

Kwik Trip closing time

What time does Kwik Trip close? It operates 24 hours

History of the Kwik Trip Brand

Kwik Trip was founded in 1965 by the John Hansen family in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Since then, the convenience store has developed strong roots in the communities it operates. It prides itself in treating its staff and partners like members of the family. 

The company has grown as a leader in providing customers with high-quality products and friendly service. Products are sold at a low price since many of them are made in-house. This helps to keep the costs low by eliminating the middleman. 

Kwik Trip stores welcome millions of customers every year. From the very store in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, the chain now boasts of over 500 locations. These are found under its various names – Kwik Trip, Kwik Trip Express, Kwik Star, Kwik Star Express, and Tobacco Outlet Plus. 

Customers are guaranteed to find anything they are looking for when they step into a Kwik Trip store. In addition to top-quality gas, you’ll also find bakery goods, snacks, hot sandwiches, fresh coffee, and milk. These are all provided at a fair price.

Kwik Trip Holiday Hours – Open

Date Holiday
January 21 Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 14 Valentine’s Day
February 18 President’s Day
March 5 Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
March 17 St. Patrick’s Day
April 19 Good Friday
April 21 Easter Sunday
April 22 Easter Monday
May 5 Cinco de Mayo
May 27 Memorial Day
July 04 Independence Day
September 02 Labor Day
June 16 Father’s Day
May 12 Mother’s Day
October 14 Columbus Day
October 31 Halloween
November 11 Veterans Day
November 28 Thanksgiving Day
November 29 Black Friday
December 24 Christmas Eve
December 25 Christmas Day
December 26 Day after Christmas
January 01 New Year’s Day
December 31 New Year’s Eve

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Business Directions 

When it comes to offering different product lines, Kwik Trip is mainly vertically integrated. It carries orange juice and pitcher milk in pouches branded with Nature’s Touch brand and through its in-house dairy. The store also boasts of an internal bakery business operation that provides wrapped and sliced bread, muffins, coffee and a store-branded snack under its “Urge” name. 

All locations have set up a small grocery that sells bread, canned food, sliced cheese, ice cream, hot dogs, bottled drinks, and frozen food. The chain also sells baking potatoes, yellow onions, and bananas as a loss leader. 

Kwik Trip has also partnered with different Upper Midwest professional sports teams such as Minnesota’s Vikings and Twins as well as Milwaukee Brewers and Green Bay Packers. Its Convenience Transportation LLC division is a subsidiary that provides safe and efficient transportation. Deliveries include store items, bulk food grade, dry van/multi-temperature loads and bulk petroleum. 

Key Facts

Kwik Trip was sold to the Zietlow family in 2000 for $120 million. The Zietlows and Hansens had jointly owned it since 1972. Stores built after 1990 are operated by a separate firm called Convenience Store Investments. It leases the stores and land to Kwik Trip. The chain’s main growth route has been through the opening up of new stores. 


Kwik Trip has maintained its ability to offer high-quality food and drinks. It has been working on a new line of offerings, such as take-home meals that are produced in-house. Its EatStreet delivery service allows customers to order 400 products at select locations. 


Is Kwik Trip just a Wisconsin thing?

Kwik Trip is a chain of convenience stores founded in 1965 with locations throughout Wisconsin and Minnesota under the name Kwik Trip, and in Iowa and Illinois under the name Kwik Star (to avoid confusion with QuikTrip).

Is Kwik Trip a brand?

Our Story – Kwik Trip | Kwik Star. We’re a family-owned company based in La Crosse, WI and home to more than 28,000 co-workers. If you’ve been in Wisconsin, Minnesota or Iowa recently, there’s a good chance we’ve seen you at one of our 700+ stores.

Who is the owner of Kwik?

Kwik Trip, which opened its first store in 1965 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, is owned by the family of CEO Don Zietlow.

Why do people love Kwik Trip so much?

This is what so many people appreciate about Kwik Trip. They’re consistent and reliable. You can always count on them to provide a clean environment, a friendly atmosphere, and quality products. So there you have it!

Why is Kwik Trip so popular?

A manager there said business, as you might expect, dropped noticeably. But what is it about Kwik Trip that makes it so popular? Customers say it’s cleanliness, good food, and a welcoming atmosphere. Employees like manager Heidi Diekmann say it’s a great place to work.

Does Kwik Trip make their own donuts?

All of our Kwikery® donuts and sweet goods are made fresh daily at our bakery facilities in La Crosse, WI. This facility products over 2 MILLION donuts every week! The famous Glazer® Donut originated in 2003. Kwik Trip decided on the name “Glazers” after a coworker submitted the idea to our Kwik Trip marketing team.

What is the largest Kwik Trip?

The campus Kwik Trip set to open next week just east of Minnesota State University will be the region’s largest yet, and it may be big enough to have scared off a planned Hy-Vee Fast & Fresh. The 8,300-square-foot store at the corner of Monks Avenue and Stadium Road, scheduled to open Thursday, Sept.

How much is the Kwik Trip family worth?

179, the Cadieux family is known for the QuikTrip convenience store banner. The chain has approximately 700 stores in 11 states. With a net worth also of $1.3 billion, the Cadieux family held the same spot in 2014.

How much money did Kwik Trip make in 2021?

Kwik Trip peak revenue was $1.4B in 2021.

Does Kwik Trip sell Top Tier gas?

At Kwik Trip and Kwik Star, we put Top Tier additives in every grade of gasoline we sell to protect, clean and keep your engine running as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Is QT and QuikTrip the same?

The QuikTrip Corporation, more commonly known as QuikTrip (QT), is an American chain of convenience stores based in Tulsa, Oklahoma that primarily operates in the Midwestern, Southern, and Southeastern United States as well as in Arizona.

Where does Kwik Trip get gas from?

The sands of north Alberta — not the Middle East — provide most of the petroleum that becomes gasoline sold in the La Crosse area. A pipeline channels that Canadian crude to the Flint Hills Resources Pine Bend Refinery in Rosemount, Minn. La Crosse-based Kwik Trip is among its primary customers.

Does Kwik Trip sell stock?

Can I buy shares of Kwik Trip stock? No, Kwik Trip Inc. is a privately owned family company.

Does Kwik Trip make their own milk?

At the Kwik Trip Dairy, a full-service dairy production facility, coworkers make the retailer’s own brand of ice cream, bottle its own milk and even produce its own plastic jugs. The Kwik Trip Commissary meanwhile buzzes with coworkers creating fresh offerings for the chain’s retail locations.

Does Kwik Trip make their own bread?

This family-owned retailer not only operates more than 700 stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, but it also completely controls its own bakery, dairy, kitchens and distribution, including a 500-truck fleet. “Every store gets a delivery every day,” Mr. Fonstad said.

Does Kwik Trip sell deli meat?

“We didn’t skimp. We’ve got all-natural USDA choice angus.” According to the report, the c-store chain is phasing in freestanding coolers for the meats, plus the addition of other products such as lunch meats, salads and, of course, sauerkraut to complement the brats.

How much are pies at Kwik Trip?

Kwik Trip Menu PricesItemPriceChangePothole Pizza$9.19- -Regular Crust Pizza$12.43- -Specialty Pizza$13.39- -Thin Crust Pizza$8.47- -Ещё 128 строк•22 дек. 2021 г.

Does Kwik Trip have pies?

With pies available at various restaurants and Kwik Trip locations around the Chippewa Valley, getting a fresh Main Street Cafe pie is easier than ever. Check the “Pie Locations” tab to see if we deliver to a store near you! All stores are stocked with a seasonal variety of our pies.

Who stole Kwik Trips cups?

Kwik Trip’s humorous Facebook post also said that an unnamed gas station “stole” the supply of cups, but McHugh clarified that the “stealing” allegation made in the post was just a joke. No one actually “stole” the cups.

How many Kwik Star locations are there?

The company today operates more than 750 stores in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and now Illinois. In 1993, the company rebranded Iowa stores under the name Kwik Star.

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