Jollibee working hours

Have you heard of Jollibee?

It’s a fast-food restaurant chain based in the Philippines that is quickly gaining popularity all over the world.

Jollibee first started out as an ice cream parlor in Cubao, Quezon City in 1978. When the company decided to branch out into the fast food industry, they chose the name “Jollibee” because it was a happy and catchy word that customers would easily remember. It wasn’t long before Jollibee became one of the most popular fast food chains in the Philippines.

Today, Jollibee has over 1,000 stores all over the world, including in the United States, Canada, Vietnam, Brunei, and Hong Kong. The company plans to continue expanding its reach by opening more stores in other countries.

So what makes Jollibee so special? For one thing, their menu is unique compared to other fast food restaurants. They serve Filipino dishes such as chickenjoy (a fried chicken dish), pancit palabok (a noodle dish with shrimp and pork), and halo-halo (a dessert made with shaved ice, beans, fruits, and milk). People like this fast food restaurant chain because the food is tasty and affordable.

Do you want to try Jollibee? The next time you’re in the Philippines or any other country where Jollibee has a store, be sure to stop by!

Important Update on COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Jollibee working hours can vary, or maybe the spot can be currently closed as a consequence of quarantine limits. Check out the specifics of delivery choices on the local website of Jollibee.

Jollibee tweaked its working hours to permit employees a little extra time to clean as well as resupply goods on racks. Added to that, numerous Jollibee locations have recently set up distinct shopping hours for members of the at-chance class.

What time does Jollibee open?

Monday09:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Tuesday09:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Wednesday09:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Thursday09:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Friday09:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Saturday09:00 AM – 09:00 PM
Sunday09:00 AM – 09:00 PM

Other questions regarding their working hours

Is Jollibee open on Sundays? – Yes, they are open every day at the same time.

What are Jollibee hrs for today? – This information you can find in our tables with working hours and if you need a certain store – check out the official webpage.

What time does Jollibee close? – They close every day at 9 PM.

Are they open right now? – You need to look at the table above.

What`s the history of this brand?

Jollibee was introduced to the public in 1978 when Tony Tan Caktiong and his family opened a Magnolia ice cream parlor in Cubao, Quezon City. He then expanded his business by adding hot meals to the menu. They decided to convert to the chain of fast foods when a franchisee of McDonald’s opened in the Philippines in 1981.

In 1979, the first Jollibee franchised outlet was opened in Santa Cruz, Manila. In 1982 Jollibee had grown to become the leading fast-food chain in the Philippines. The company also began to expand internationally in 1984 with the opening of a store in Taiwan.

After several years, in 1989, the chain was able to open in Brunei, and by 1991 they had opened their first store in Hong Kong. Jollibee continued its international expansion by entering the US market in 1998. Though the company had some difficulties during 1999-2002, they bounced back and by 2006, Jollibee had become the largest fast food chain in the Philippines.

The USA franchise of Jollibee was sold in 2006 to a group of investors led by Manuel Lao. There are currently more than 1000 Jollibee stores worldwide. The growth around the world continued and in 2013, Jollibee opened its first store in Vietnam.

People liked this fast food because it offered something unique to traditional American fast food. For instance, in the USA, Jollibee’s menu offers rice meals and sweet spaghetti, which are not commonly found in traditional American fast food restaurants. Jollibee chain of fast foods announced in 2021 that it expects to open 509 restaurants in the United States and Canada.

Their business strategy focuses on “building a global family brand around the world.” Jollibee is known for its happy bee mascot and for its tagline, “Bee Happy.” The company has been criticized for its use of unhealthy ingredients in its foods as well as its labor practices. Still, its success continues to grow, making it one of the most popular fast food chains in the world.

Jollibee Holiday Hours – Close

January 1New Year’s Day
November 28Thanksgiving Day
December 25Christmas Day
May 27Memorial Day
July 4Independence Day

Jollibee Holiday Hours – Open

February 14Valentine’s Day
February 18President’s Day
March 5Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
March 17St. Patrick’s Day
April 19Good Friday
April 21Easter Sunday
April 22Easter Monday
May 5Cinco de Mayo
June 16Father’s Day
May 12Mother’s Day
October 31Halloween
November 29Black Friday

How many locations do they have?

Jollibee chain of fast foods owns about 1500 restaurants scattered in various locations all over the globe. The majority of these restaurants are located in the Philippines where the company first started its business.

Other countries with Jollibee branches include Brunei, Canada, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, United Arab Emirates, and the United States of America. The headquarters are in Pasig City, Philippines.

Jollibee`s main mission

The company has the main goal of becoming one of the top three global fast-food restaurant chains. They believe that they can achieve this by providing their customers with great-tasting food and excellent service at a reasonable price. They also want to be the employer of choice for Filipino workers.

The company`s core values are service, family, fun, and togetherness. They believe that these values are what makes their brand unique and special. Service at their restaurants is really important to them, and they make sure that their customers are always happy. Family is also a big part of Jollibee, and they want to make sure that their employees feel like they are part of one big family.

Fun is also very important to the company, and they want their customers to have a great time when they come to their restaurants. Togetherness is also something that they believe in, and they want their employees and customers to feel like they are part of one big community.

With all the said above, Jollibee staff aims to bring joy to every customer`s visit by maintaining the highest quality of products and services that are suitable for the family.

How is Jollibee different from McDonald’s?

Well, for starters, Jollibee has a wider variety of food items on their menu. They have all the classic fast-food items like burgers and fries, but they also have Filipino favorites like chicken Joy and Halo Halo.

Another big difference is that Jollibee is much more focused on providing excellent customer service. They want to make sure that every customer is happy with their experience at Jollibee. Finally, Jollibee is much more community-focused than McDonald’s. They are very involved in different charities and they sponsor a lot of events.

Sausage, rice, egg, and muffin are just a few of the items available at McDonald’s. Jollibee, on the other hand, provides similar options with a more Filipino flavor (longganisa instead of breakfast sausage, pandesal instead of a muffin), which is always a welcome alternative.

Jollibee is a great choice for those who are looking for a fast-food restaurant that is focused on providing excellent customer service and has a wide variety of food items on its menu. If you are looking for a classic fast-food experience with a more Filipino flavor, then Jollibee is the place for you!

Is Jollibee better than MCDO?

There is no simple answer to this question as it depends on what you are looking for in a fast-food restaurant. If you are looking for a restaurant that has a wide variety of food items on its menu, then Jollibee is a great choice. If you are looking for a restaurant that is focused on providing excellent customer service, then Jollibee is also a great choice. However, if you are looking for a classic fast-food experience with a more Filipino flavor, then Jollibee is the place for you!

What`s on their menu?

Jollibee has a vast menu that offers American fast-food staples like burgers and fries, as well as Filipino favorites such as chicken joy and Halo Halo. They have something for everyone!

Family Bucket Meals consist usually of 8-pc chicken joy, 2 large sides, and 4 regular-sized drinks. Customers can choose their own bucket meals or go for the value meals which come with set menu combinations. Usually, drinks are not included in the value meals.

Jollibee’s menu also features a wide variety of sandwiches and burgers. The most popular sandwich is the Jollibee Burger Steak, which is a beef patty topped with gravy and served on a sesame seed bun. The Chicken Joy Sandwich is also a fan favorite, as it is made with crispy chicken fillet, mayonnaise, and lettuce on a soft bun. For those who are looking for something different, Jollibee also offers the Tuna Pie, which is a flaky pastry filled with tuna and vegetables. Burger Steaks at Jollibee are always a good choice.

Chicken Tenders here are represented by Chicken Joy, which are bite-sized pieces of crispy chicken that are perfect for dipping in gravy or sauce. They are usually served with a side of rice and a drink.

Jollibee Spaghetti and Palabok Fiesta is an additional section on the menu where you can order savory dishes like spaghetti and palabok fiesta. The spaghetti at Jollibee is a fan favorite, as it is made with a sweet sauce and topped with savory ground beef. The Palabok Fiesta is also a popular dish, as it is a rice noodle dish topped with shrimp, pork, and vegetables.

For those who are looking for something sweet, Jollibee offers a variety of desserts such as Peach Mango Pie, Halo Halo, and Sundae. The Halo Halo is a refreshing mix of fruits, ice cream, and beans served in a cup. The Sundae is a classic ice cream treat that comes in different flavors such as chocolate, strawberry, and cookies & cream.

They also have Kids Menu that offers meals like Spaghetti, Chicken Joy, and Burger Steak. For drinks, kids can choose from water, milk, or chocolate milk. Jollibee is a great place to take the whole family, as they have something for everyone!

What is Jollibee famous for?

Jollibee is known for Chickenjoy, our signature fried chicken that’s delicately hand-breaded to be crispylicious on the outside and juicylicious on the inside, according to its secret marinade. This is complemented by a signature gravy that’s uniquely made from chicken stock, butter, and spices for that one-of-a-kind savory taste. Chickenjoy is best enjoyed with steamed rice and sweetcorn soup.

Jollibee is also famous for its Jolly Spaghetti which is a sweet-style spaghetti with a thick sauce made of ground beef, hot dogs, and mushrooms. Topped with cheese, this meal will surely satisfy your hunger.

Jollibee’s Peach Mango Pie is also a must-try! It’s a delicious handheld pie made with real Philippine mangoes and crunchy peanuts in a flaky crust. The perfect mix of sweet and savory, it’s no wonder this is one of Jollibee’s most popular desserts.

Jollibee delivery and catering

Jollibee delivers joy in every bite, and now you can enjoy your favorite Jollibee meals in the comfort of your own home! You can order your food through Jollibee’s website or through their app. For those who are looking to cater an event, Jollibee also offers catering services. You can choose from a variety of menu options that will surely satisfy your guests.

With their catering services, you will have one less thing to worry about, as Jollibee will take care of the food so you can focus on enjoying your event. No matter what the event is, Jollibee will make it a joyous occasion!

Jollibee is the perfect place to enjoy a classic fast-food experience with a more Filipino flavor. With something for everyone on their menu, you’re sure to find something that you’ll love.

Coupons and gift cards

This chain of fast food restaurants also offers coupons and gift cards that can be used at any of their locations. The coupons can be found on their website or through various online and offline sources. The gift cards can be purchased on their website or at any of their locations.

You can save money with coupons and gift cards, and still enjoy all of your favorite Jollibee foods! For instance, you can use a gift card to buy a value meal and get a discount on your purchase. Or, you can use a coupon to get a free side dish or drink with your meal.

Jollibee is the perfect place to go for a quick and delicious meal. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, Jollibee has something for you. With their convenient locations, delivery and catering services, and coupons and gift cards, Jollibee is sure to make your dining experience a joyous one!

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