Jackson Hewitt working hours

Who is Jackson Hewitt?

Jackson Hewitt is a tax preparation service. They have about 1,100 locations in the United States and Canada.

They offer such services as filling out tax returns, electronic filing, refund anticipation loans, and other services. They offer the option to have a professional do your taxes or use an online program that guarantees accurate calculations for complex situations.

This is the second-largest service in the United States for filing tax returns. Its largest competitor is H&R Block. Jackson Hewitt offers a price match guarantee with any competing advertised prices for similar services and products. Jackson Hewitt company is responsible for about 20,000 tax returns each day.

The headquarters of the Jackson Hewitt company is located in Parsippany, New Jersey.

When filing taxes became electronic, NIC adapted quickly to this change, developing new products such as computer software to allow customers of tax firms to prepare their own returns online using professional accounting tools. The fastest-growing division of the NIC Inc. is Jackson Hewitt Tax Service.

Important Update on COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Jackson Hewitt shopping hours can vary, or maybe the spot can be currently closed as a consequence of quarantine limits. Check out the specifics of delivery choices on the local website of Jackson Hewitt.

Jackson Hewitt tweaked their shopping hours to permit employees a little extra time to clean as well as resupply goods on racks. Added to that, numerous Jackson Hewitt locations have recently set up distinct shopping hours for members of the at-chance class.

What time does Jackson Hewitt open?

Monday09:30 AM – 06:00 PM
Tuesday 09:30 AM – 06:00 PM
Wednesday 09:30 AM – 06:00 PM
Thursday 09:30 AM – 06:00 PM
Friday 09:30 AM – 06:00 PM

Is Jackson Hewitt open on weekends? – No, they are closed.

What are Jackson Hewitt’s hours for today and tomorrow? – You may examine our tables and if you need a certain store – look for it on the official webpage.

What time does Jackson Hewitt close?– You can find out by checking the table above, usually, it is 6 pm.

Is it open right now? – You need to examine the table above.

The history of Jackson Hewitt

John Hewitt founded the company in 1982. He is also the founder of Liberty Tax Services. At that time, he was a public accountant who saw an opportunity for growth in the tax preparation industry. John Hewitt had previously founded another tax service called The Tax Center but sold it to H&R Block in 1980.

When the Montgomery Ward department store chain contracted with Jackson Hewitt in October 1989, it was a turning point for this company. The decision to open offices at 169 stores across America signifies how far they’ve come and what’s still ahead of them!

By 1992, the company had more than 600 offices in 35 states and was preparing nearly one million tax returns per year, making it one of the nation’s largest tax service companies.

Jackson Hewitt got his first office at East Towne Mall in Madison Heights, Michigan. It was located next to a beauty salon called Hair Cuttery and their flagship product was filing out paper returns for people that came into the salon at this location.

The business grew quickly because of its unique selling proposition – offering free e-filing with each paid refund anticipation loan “RAL”. RALs are loans offered by banks to individuals receiving refunds from the IRS and they charge high-interest rates.

Jackson Hewitt grew to over 1,000 offices in the US by the year 2000 with significant Canadian operations as well. Then they got into financial trouble when the RAL industry collapsed because of new banking regulations that restricted lending to low-income individuals (and their high-interest rates).

Analysts say Jackson Hewitt survived the downturn of 2001 because it had a strong management team and was not overleveraged with debt like many of its competitors were at this time. The company also expanded internationally in Europe and Canada during this time period.

Jackson Hewitt is a division of NIC Inc. (National Processing Company). It operates about 1,400 retail locations in thirty-four states and has prepared over 17 million tax returns since its inception in 1982. The corporate headquarters are located in Parsippany, New Jersey.

The acquisition by Jackson Hewitt of Liberty Tax Service enabled them to expand their services and open new offices even further across Canada and America (which they did), but has also provided customers with an alternative method of filing taxes online through Refund Advance Loans (RAL). Customers can now file their taxes either in-office or online with this company.

Jackson Hewitt Holiday Hours – Close

May 27Memorial Day
July 04Independence Day
September 02Labor Day
December 24Christmas Eve
December 31New Year’s Eve
January 01New Year’s Day
November 28Thanksgiving Day
December 25Christmas Day

Jackson Hewitt locations

You can find a list of all Jackson Hewitt locations at their official webpage. They are available to assist you in your tax preparation needs. Jackson Hewitt is located in the following locations: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, and others.

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Jackson Hewitt services

The company provides an array of tax services that are very beneficial to customers. They offer free e-file for all federal returns, online account access to view your refund status, and convenient walk-in hours at their local branches.

Free E-filing with every paid RAL or bank/wire transfer payment (which is the fastest way to receive your refund because it guarantees immediate deposit after processing).

Expert advice on how you can take advantage of deductions offered by the IRS. A $20 reward check for referring two friends who also file their taxes through Jackson Hewitt. Free 24 hour support if there’s an issue with your return or if you’re waiting for a refund.

Helpful information about other companies offering Refund Advance Loans.

The majority of tax preparation companies in the US offer refund anticipation loans (RALs). These are short-term small-dollar loans that you can get directly from the company through electronic transfers to your bank account. They send part or all of your anticipated refund to a lending institution, and it gets deposited back into your account once the IRS processes the return and approves payment.

You should know upfront how these types of loans work in case they affect you negatively. For example, they do not require any credit or employment verification which is why many low-income individuals seek them out, but depending on how much money you owe for RALs when you file taxes can increase your original refund amount dramatically because most allow interest-free up to 30 days.

You should also be aware that these types of loans can come with very high-interest rates and fees. Many lending institutions will include a finance charge, processing fee, or convenience fee along with the monthly service charge.

Sometimes the overall amount you owe in fees is more than your original refund – especially if you have multiple RALs from different companies – so it’s best to avoid these types of loans as much as possible if you can afford to wait for your money since most refunds are credited electronically within 21 days.

While Jackson Hewitt does not offer Refund Advance Loans, they do have a unique alternative called e-file processing where they send part or all of your anticipated refund directly to a participating bank account upon filing through electronic transfer . You can also choose to receive your refund by bank account withdrawal or by check.

IRS Audits and Notices

Jackson Hewitt offers affordable flat-fee audits so you don’t have to worry about receiving any fines or penalty fees from the IRS.

You should also know that your tax return is subject to an audit if it contains unrealistic items, such as claiming dependents you’re not related to or reporting income that doesn’t match up with W2s and 1099s, but most audits are performed through correspondence by mail after they’ve already processed your return.

The majority of notices sent out by the IRS do not require any further action because they are informational, but there are times when they will need more information. If this happens, Jackson Hewitt is always here to help customers through their e-service portal even when preparing taxes at home for inclusion on future returns.

Resolve tax issues with Jackson Hewitt

Jackson Hewitt strongly believes in the importance of validating all credits and deductions before filing taxes to ensure you get all the refunds you deserve.

One of the biggest mistakes people make during tax preparation is forgetting to take advantage of certain credits and deductions, such as education credits and business expenses.

We offer a variety of services depending on what you need help with so customers feel confident about submitting their return to the IRS at the end of every appointment.

Jackson Hewitt will mail your refund check if you request one upon filing and then has three options that allow direct deposit into your bank account: e-file processing, bank account deposit, and wire transfer. Customers must select one of these methods in order for it to be completed by Jackson Hewitt — they cannot wait for it to be done automatically as part of the IRS’ electronic processing.

One of its most popular services is income tax return e-filing where customers can either directly or indirectly elect to have their refunds electronically transferred via check, direct deposit into a checking or savings account, or wire transfer.

Customers must complete one of these options when filing even if it’s already handled for them automatically because Jackson Hewitt cannot process your refund for you after you submit your return to the IRS as some other companies do according to Consumer Affairs reviews.

Jackson Hewitt also offers an alternative called e-file processing where part or all of your anticipated refund is sent directly to participating bank accounts upon filing rather than waiting for the IRS to process it electronically. You can choose to receive your refund by bank account withdrawal or check as well if you select this option.

Jackson Hewitt also offers a flat fee for audits so they don’t have to worry about receiving any fines from the IRS that could outweigh their tax refund, and will even help with resolving issues through their e-service portal when preparing taxes at home for inclusion in the future returns.

Work at JH

If you’re looking for employment and want to work for one of the best tax preparation services, then Jackson Hewitt wants to hear from you.

Jackson Hewitt has positions available at its corporate office as well as other various locations where it prepares taxes — just take a look online and fill out an application if you can’t find anything posted on the website.

A high school diploma or equivalent is required for many open positions as well as previous experience with customer service or sales so those interested in e-file processing may need to demonstrate those skills through bullet points on their resume.

The company also offers tuition reimbursement, life insurance, health insurance, dental insurance, and flexible spending accounts. To learn more about what working at JH can do for you, visit the Careers section of their website.

Is Jackson Hewitt shutting down?

The US Justice Department is seeking to prevent the sale of Jackson Hewitt’s tax return preparation company following its acquisition by H&R Block because it would lead to a less competitive market.

However, it does not mean that Jackson Hewitt is shutting down. Instead, the DOJ believes the merger would put several other tax service providers out of business during an already weak economy so they are taking steps to protect them.

This is common practice for the government when two or more companies are acquired because it helps keep existing businesses running by providing them with healthy competition.

The department wants everyone to know Jackson Hewitt remains open even if they have plans on closing some retail locations in order to be more efficient according to Investor Place.

How much does it cost to get your taxes done at Jackson Hewitt?

The cost of Jackson Hewitt’s tax filing service depends on your geographic location like most other companies. Online services cost 49$ and federal filing costs 25$.

You can get a discount if you’re under 25 or if you don’t have any income — just ask about that when you go in and they will be happy to help. Their tax service may not be free but it certainly beats doing your taxes by hand and trying to get all of this information together on your own while concurrently keeping track of everything else going on in your life.

Is Jackson Hewitt the best tax preparation service?

It truly depends on what other customers think since everybody’s needs are different. People should take some time to read over consumer reviews before making such a big decision like choosing a new company to prepare their taxes with, and then use that information to form their own opinion.

Many people have had good experiences with Jackson Hewitt, but some have complained about the cost and how it is too expensive for them to afford tax services there. On the other hand, most are happy with the company’s e-filing service even if they do not choose to fax or mail in any documentation.

Does Walmart own Jackson Hewitt?

They have been partnered with Walmart in the past but they are now separate companies. Still, they are both tax preparation services that can help customers file for free if their entire refund is invested back into IRAs.

Walmart’s MoneyCard service also lets you access your funds quickly without paying any fees or interest. You can either open a new account or link your existing card to the account number listed on your W-2 form if you have one already.

It is up to each individual customer to decide which company they want to prepare their taxes with using free software available online through various e-file providers such as Jackson Hewitt and TurboTax.

Is Jackson Hewitt publicly traded?

In 2011, Jackson Hewitt stopped being traded on the New York Stock Exchange. It does not operate as an independently traded public company anymore so it is owned by another firm that made them a subsidiary.

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