HomeTown Buffet

Ovation Brands operates one more interesting restaurant called HomeTown Buffet.

Why HomeTown Buffet?

The answer is quite simple. This restaurant offers clients buffet meals and also a large number of different dishes. At HomeTown Buffet you won’t be able to find the same meal twice within one month, and that’s why it is considered a great place for those who like trying out new tastes and flavors.

HomeTown Buffet started its business in the mid-80s and since then has been expanding with an amazing speed, opening new restaurants every now and then all over the U.S.

Their design is very peculiar and has some elements of traditional American design. It is interesting to notice that the restaurant tries to be updated sometimes – it means they make efforts not to stay out of touch with new trends and styles.

The cuisine served there is a mixture of a great variety of American meals and dishes.

If you are planning to visit the restaurant for the first time, check their official website – it has lots of information on all kinds of promotions they have going on every day to help you save some money. And if you want to visit this restaurant with a group, check HomeTown Buffet coupons to have some more cash on hand.

Important Update on COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, HomeTown Buffet shopping hours can vary, or maybe the spot can be currently closed as a consequence of quarantine limits. Check out the specifics of delivery choices on the local website of HomeTown Buffet.

HomeTown Buffet tweaked their shopping hours to permit employees a little extra time to clean as well as resupply goods on racks. Added to that, numerous HomeTown Buffet locations have recently setup distinct shopping hours for members of the at-chance class.

Vita Nova Brand

In 1983 the company’s founders are a group of guys who can really cook. They started the business in 1986 with Dermot Rowland and Doron Jensen, then left to found HomeTown Buffet after only two years at it because they wanted more control over how their buffets would look (and taste).

Vita Nova Brand has been rising significantly since then by opening one restaurant after another. It now owns and operates more than 200 homestyle buffet restaurants in the United States, and it is expected to be even bigger by the end of this year.

Buffets Inc. is the company that operates Vita Nova Brand. This corporation has its headquarters in Greenwood, Indiana. It is known for operating a chain of casual dining restaurants primarily located within the United States. Its stores are named after their “all you can eat” buffets with a wide variety of dishes offered each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

HomeTown Buffet was founded in the late 1990s by two businessmen who received a loan in the amount of $40,000. Their dream was to build up a chain of restaurants providing people with tasty meals in affordable prices.

Initially, their business wasn’t so successful, so it took them about five years to attract enough clients to start making profits. After that, the company has changed its name to HomeTown Buffet Incorporated and began building up new stores all over the U.S. They are still present on the market today under this name.

HomeTown Buffet became popular very quickly because it offered various options – there were not only dinner or lunch menus but also breakfast ones! The clientele shot up within no time, and soon they had too many orders for one store to cope with. They began building up new restaurants to accommodate all people who wanted to enjoy their meal here.

Buffets Inc., formerly Buffets LLC, went public again in 2005 but then sold most of its stock back to private owners in 2006.

In today’s climate when people want to save lots of money on food, this restaurant tries to offer everything at low prices and make clientele come back by offering amazing deals and offers from time to time. Overall they seem to be doing a good job overall with all things considered.

Famous Dishes From HomeTown Buffet

Most of their dishes are made with fresh ingredients, which makes them even tastier and more appetizing. Their food is known for its reasonable prices, but the best thing about it is that you can try out new flavors at any time because there are always plenty of dishes to choose from. Besides, they have a great variety of meats, side dishes, deserts, etc., so everyone will be able to find something suitable for themselves.

The majority of people who have eaten at least once in this restaurant say only good things about it – they appreciate HomeTown Buffet’s quality food lines, the cleanliness of the premises, and the friendly staff who serve clients quickly and efficiently. What also matters is that the majority of dishes offered by HomeTown Buffet are made from scratch, so people can be sure that they always get fresh food.

HomeTown Buffet mission statement

“Our mission is to provide our customers the best value in a family-friendly atmosphere. We seek to achieve this through exceeding guest expectations, providing superior service, and hiring and retaining great people” (HomeTown Buffet Mission Statement)

Their most popular dishes are fried chicken, meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, etc. Every person will definitely find something they like there because of the variety offered by HomeTown Buffet’s menu!

They also have a lot of delicious deserts – e.g. pies made from scratch every day or pies that come in a form of doughnuts yet taste just as good. As for drinks, their soda machines offer all kinds of flavors you can imagine so nothing will stop you from finding your favorite one!

HomeTown Buffet restaurants locations

Unfortunately, on January 15, 2021 all of the Old Country locations closed down and were auctioned off by Auction Nation.

Why HomeTown Buffet was so popular?

People who have eaten there say they liked it because of the food and drinks offered, as well as for reasonable prices. Besides, the fact that you can go there whenever you want and choose from a variety of dishes is definitely an asset!

Despite its popularity HomeTown Buffet hasn’t been able to expand much in the past five years due to some financial difficulties this company has experienced lately.

Could it be because of their attempt to go public again back in 2005? It’s hard to tell but as long as they are still here – great food, kind service, and low prices are still available so it doesn’t really matter what happened with them in the past few years, right?

How did pandemic affect HomeTown Buffet business?

Some people say the closest thing to the perfect restaurant is HomeTown Buffet. It used to be very popular in all of its locations because it has so many features that could attract potential customers: delicious food, reasonable prices, and amazing service.

The restaurant closed down in 2021 due to the pandemic that swept across the whole country. After several months of closing, it reopened but has been struggling with its business ever since – probably because people lost their jobs and couldn’t afford to go out anymore which was why they closed down many businesses including Hometown Buffet.

What is HomeTown Buffet net worth?

This popular restaurant chain has a net worth of about $45 million, which seems to be a pretty good sum taking into account this company’s fate lately.


How many Old Country Buffet locations are there?

Unfortunately, despite the national spotlight, the franchise has continued to close up shops. According to the location finder on its site, today there are only a total of 17 Old Country Buffet restaurants left in the country, and sales were down more than 37 percent in 2017.

Is buffet and all you can eat the same?

Usually all the food is precooked and available in warming trays. All (or at least most) of the items in the buffet are endless. On the other hand, an all you can eat usually has only one item that is endless and wait staff serve you that one item.

Is there a HomeTown Buffet in Stockton?

Hometown Buffet menu – Stockton CA 95207 – (209) 952-6688.

How much do you have to eat at a buffet to get your money’s worth?

The average customer will consume about $2.50 worth of food. If you consider that the average homestyle buffet will cost you about $13.00 that means you’re going to need to eat a little more than five times what you might normally consume.

Does buffet mean unlimited food?

Buffet restaurants normally offer all-you-can-eat food for a set price, but some measure prices by weight or by number of dishes. Buffets usually have some hot dishes, so the term cold buffet (see Smörgåsbord) has been developed to describe formats lacking hot food.

How do you beat the buffet?

Her pointers will keep your buffet meals in check, whether you’re on the open seas or hitting your local Golden Corral.

  • Eat everything…but just one bite.
  • Remember it’s a meal, not a marathon.
  • Be picky.
  • Play with your salad.
  • Watch out for the shiny stuff.
  • Drink up.
  • Say no to sugar stand-ins.
  • Are there any old country buffets left in Minnesota?

    Burnsville is the only place left in Minnesota where you can fill your bellies with all-you-can eat Old Country Buffet after the closure of two more restaurants this week.

    What should I eat first at a buffet?

    Start with soups or salad, as the “higher water content” makes it easier for your body to process (and settle in your stomach) much faster than a bowl of pasta or a big slab of beef. He says pacing yourself is a better idea than shoveling it in your gullet as quickly as possible.

    Can you reuse plates at a buffet?

    In a restaurant, plenty of clean, freshly polished plates should be available, which means you should not have to reuse a plate. When you’re going back to the buffet for seconds, don’t hesitate to ask a server to replace a plate or silverware, or retrieve what you need at the buffet table.

    What do they put in buffets to make you full?

    In initial tests, 20 volunteers were either given inulin on its own or the new ingredient, known as IPE, and then allowed to eat as much as they liked from a buffet. Those who had been given IPE ate about 14% less food.

    Can you take home food from a buffet?

    Many restaurants usually have a policy which states that food cannot be taken out when dining on food from the buffet — and understandably so, because they could potentially lose money if patrons were permitted to take food home.

    What are the disadvantages of a buffet?

    Food Wastage: One of the most significant disadvantages of having buffet service is the wastage of food. A buffet meal typically requires large quantities of food offering single or multiple cuisines. However, there is no guarantee of the entire meal being consumed on a single day.

    Should you eat before a buffet?

    Pre Buffet

    What to eat before you go: Eating easy to digest foods like yogurt, apples, and cereal 2-3 hours before will help your stomach expand and you’ll be hungry again by the time you get to the buffet.

    What is buffet etiquette?

    Never return food back from your plate to a serving dish. Once you serve yourself food, you should keep it on your plate. Do not sneeze or cough close to the buffet table. If you need to sneeze or cough, move away from the table and cover your mouth. Avoid the most frequent bad table manners.

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