Fiesta Mart hours

The Latino-American grocery store in Houston, Texas is Fiesta Mart. The store offered traditional Mexican food items and also had a bakery inside the store. The bakery eventually became its own company known as El Bolillo Bakery.

The grocery market began growing due to its success with Mexican cuisine products which were not readily available elsewhere in Houston rapidly becoming an overnight success. As time went on Fiesta Mart expanded into larger warehouses that could accommodate parking for their customers to park to shop at their stores conveniently around Houston.

What does Fiesta Mart sell?

The store will sell a variety of Hispanic foods, which includes Mexican food and pastries. The bakery has been around since the establishment of Fiesta Mart. They are known for their bolillos, a Mexican-style bakery item that is characterized by its long shape and crunchy crust.

What are the products of Fiesta Mart?

The grocery store sells a variety of Hispanic foods, including Mexican food and pastries. The bakery has been around since the establishment of Fiesta Mart. They are known for their bolillos, a Mexican-style bakery item that is characterized by its long shape and crunchy crust.

Important Update on COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Fiesta Mart shopping hours can vary, or maybe the spot can be currently closed as a consequence of quarantine limits. Check out the specifics of delivery choices on the local website of the Fiesta Mart.

Fiesta Mart tweaked their shopping hours to permit employees a little extra time to clean as well as resupply goods on racks. Added to that, numerous Fiesta Mart locations have recently setup distinct shopping hours for members of the at-chance class.

What time does Fiesta Mart open?

Monday07:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Tuesday 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Wednesday 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Thursday 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Friday 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday 07:00 AM – 11:00 PM

Working hours related questions

Is Fiesta Mart open today? Is Fiesta Mart open tomorrow? – You can find all the necessary information in the table above.

Does Fiesta Mart work on weekends? – Yes, and the most interesting piece of news is that operating hours are the same as on weekdays.

History of Fiesta Mart

Donald Bonham and O.C. Mendenhall were the founders of Fiesta Mart. Bonham sold his share in the company after receiving a political appointment within the federal government.

The store was originally called Fiesta Foods and was established in 1960 in a warehouse district on Gessner Road, near Interstate 10 and Beltway 8.  It started off with only six employees and its first product was a bag of flour in a retail space that cost $5 per month to rent.

With a small staff operating out of one store in 1960, Fiesta Foods quickly expanded into several locations throughout Houston, with grocery items from around the world at discount prices. In 1970 there were 17 stores locally using 200 part-time employees before their second-year right after opening for business ended. In 1971 they increased to 23 locations across town offering 7,000 products and the company only had 370 employees.

Fiesta Mart was put into bankruptcy in 1979, but soon after emerged from its fiscal problems and continued growing. Fiesta expanded by purchasing other chains such as Save-a-Lot and the AppleTree Markets, which it also later sold.

In 1994 Fiesta Mart acquired another grocery company that was called AppleTree Markets, which included 20 units. The business was located in the North and Northwest United States, but Fiesta Mart quickly sold it off to pay off debt.

In 1999, Fiesta bought Todo Dia (Todo Bueno before 1998), which had 21 stores at the time. Fiesta tried to sell its Dominick’s stores in 2001 but was unsuccessful.  The company filed for bankruptcy protection again in 2004 due to losing over $300 million since 1999.

In 2001 Fiesta added some stores under their control by taking advantage of Albertsons’ purchase of American Stores Company that owned Lucky grocery stores: these were promptly assumed under the Fiesta name while Walmart took over some former Albertson’s locations. The company currently owns and operates 50 stores across Texas; it has still kept its headquarters on West Sam Houston Parkway South in unincorporated Harris County, Texas.

When the Grocers Supply Company acquired Fiesta Mart in 2004, it became one of its many distribution centers. The acquisition did not change anything for customers; however, employees were faced with an uncertain future as they tried to keep up operations while working at two different locations.

Fiesta Mart Holiday Hours – Open

November 24Thanksgiving
September 02Labor Day
October 14Columbus Day
October 31Halloween
November 11Veterans Day
December 24Christmas Eve
January 01New Year’s Day
December 31New Year’s Eve

Fiesta Mart Holiday Hours – Closed

December 25Christmas Day

Fiesta Mart grocery stores location

Fiesta Mart has multiple locations in Houston, Texas. The old headquarters of this company was in the Cottage Grove area. How many stores does Fiesta have? This grocery store has multiple branches across Texas. The company also owns and operates more than 50 grocery stores in this state.

Fiesta Mart near me

The grocery store mission

Fiesta Mart was opened to provide the Hispanic community with the products that they normally use to cook their traditional foods. It carries everything from pickled vegetables, fruits, spices, and beans all in one location.

Fiesta Mart does its best to provide low prices for customers. Fiesta Mart accepts all major credit cards-Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover & DinersClub are accepted at all locations. The company also offers a price match guarantee where if you find any product in stock elsewhere for less, they will match it without any coupon or extra fees required.

There is also a weekly ad that provides special savings on certain items every Wednesday. If you have questions regarding Fiesta Mart coupons please ask the customer service representative when calling or visiting your local store.

Is Fiesta Mart owned by HEB?

No; Fiesta Mart is not owned by the HEB company. Some locations such as Cottage Grove were purchased by HEB, but most of these stores were later sold off to other companies. Fiesta Mart also changed owners in 2004 and was purchased by Grocers Supply Company.

Working at Fiesta Mart

The grocery store hiring process can vary depending on what location you apply at. Once you submit your resume and application through the designated website, a local store manager will contact you to set up an interview with them.

This can be done face-to-face or over the phone depending on your preference and availability. If they feel that you would be a good fit for their location then you will receive a phone call from someone from Human Resources about the next steps in the hiring process.

The company will use its background check companies to make sure you are eligible for employment at Fiesta Mart. There is also an orientation process where you will be trained on how they do their business and the best way to provide exceptional service to each customer that walks into your store.

You must be able to work every holiday including evenings, nights and weekends. Depending on your schedule there may be mandatory overtime required as well.

Fiesta Mart Application Online

The grocery store careers page lists all of the current openings available at Headquarters, Distribution Centers, Transportation & Logistics Facilities, Merchandising Warehouse, Manufacturing Facilities & Test Stores. The company posts their available jobs on this website under Careers & Benefits>Current Openings.

What does Fiesta Mart grocery store sell: pinatas and tofu?

Fiesta Mart offers plenty of different food items, household supplies, and even car needs at some locations. They also provide a variety of non-food items such as party decor, toys, school & office supplies, bicycles, clothing, and even furniture.

You can find a wide range of Latin American foods including snacks, beverages, and fresh produce that will help you with your fiesta party! Many people visit Fiesta Mart to purchase their pinatas because they have a huge selection from cartoon characters to traditional designs for all occasions.

Some people go there to purchase tofu which is actually made from soybeans. This is considered a vegetarian source of protein that is low in fat and cholesterol-free. Some dishes use this as an ingredient to create a variety of tasty vegan meals.

Eco-friendly vision

Fiesta Mart is very conscious of the environment. Their distribution center in southwest Houston received gold certification from the U . S . Green Building Council for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design ( LEED) according to their website 2016 Annual Report.

They are also committed to recycling, reducing energy use, water conservation, and environmental health & safety. Not only does this help us stay healthy but it is better for our planet!

Pepe`s kitchen from Fiesta Mart

A favorite dish from Fiesta Mart is called Pepe’s Kitchen. It consists of a combination of chicken, chorizo, Mexican rice, beans, and green sauce. This tasty treat is perfect for any occasion and it only takes 30 minutes to prepare!

Just add your favorite sides or salad and you have a feast for the whole family. The ingredients are also very affordable which means that your wallet will thank you later when you get home from this trip!

Check out their weekly ad online before heading to Fiesta Mart so that you know when they have what item on sale in their store. You can use coupons in conjunction with their promotions to save even more money while shopping there.

Fiesta Mart also offers a variety of cooking classes where people can learn a new recipe or enhance their current skills. Once you purchase your ticket online, you will receive all the instructions on what time and location to meet for class. They offer both hands-on and demonstration cooking sessions for anyone from beginner cooks to experienced ones looking to expand their knowledge.

Fiesta Mart departments

Fiesta Mart has a few different departments where you can choose to apply for employment. They are including Administration, Distribution Center , Merchandising Warehouse, Manufacturing Facilities & Test Stores , Transportation & Logistics Facilities and Headquarters . Each job may have its own unique responsibilities but all of them require the person to be extremely organized and patient with their customers.


Fiesta Mart grocery store will occasionally provide free gifts and samples to customers as a way of saying thank you for their loyalty. These gifts may include various food items, coupons or even vouchers for future purchases. You can find out about these special offers by checking their weekly ads , Facebook page and website .

Big Game suggestion in Fiesta Mart’s

This grocery store is not only for Spanish speakers . It also offers a consumer hotline to provide customers with bilingual service. Their special menus include products that are also Halal and Kosher . Also, Fiesta Mart accepts food stamps from families that qualify for this assistance.

Special events in Fiesta Mart grocery store

Fiesta Mart holds a lot of special events for kids and adults. They have fun fiestas on the weekends that include face painting, balloon artists, music and more!

Make sure to check their website’s event calendar for specific dates at . There is also an adult sports league called Fiesta Families which you can sign up for on their page as well.

Delivery and catering services

Fiesta Mart’s catering department offers on-site and off-site services for your special occasions. Their delivery service is available 7 days a week, including all holidays . If you are looking to purchase food for an office luncheon or party, Fiesta Mart has everything you need to make your event a success.

They offer fresh seafood , freshly prepared entrees , homemade tortillas and even traditional desserts made by their Mexican chefs! Make sure to double check with the store that they do have all of these options in stock if you plan of ordering them before heading over there though.

What is your favorite dish in Fiesta Mart?

They have a lovely, well-organized grocery store that carries food products from all over the world. Fiesta Mart stores have a great variety of Mexican dishes so I would have to go with their tacos, fajitas or tamales . Everything they sell is fresh and high quality which makes them very affordable for being so delicious.

One of the customers` favorite dishes in Fiesta Mart is their homemade tortillas. They sell these large, round tortillas for less than a dollar and they are very fresh. All of the ingredients used to make them are organic so you can feel good about what you purchase from there. Fiesta Mart also offers a bulk food section where you can purchase many different types of beans, rice and so on which is excellent for saving money.

Fiesta Mart offers everything from fresh fruit to canned vegetables that are perfect for loading up your pantry or fridge. The store even has their own brand of groceries called Mi Tienda. You can find all sorts of products under this name because Fiesta Mart sources them from other places in the world . This allows customers to buy items they cannot find anywhere else around here.

Final words

Fiesta Mart grocery store is one of the best places to buy groceries in Houston . They keep their shelves stocked with all kinds of foods that are great for families, office luncheons or even special celebrations. Fiesta Mart also offers catering services for your big events and parties as well as fresh produce , meats and seafood.


Who is the founder of Fiesta Mart?

In 1972, Donald Bonham and O.C. Mendenhall started Fiesta; neither of the men had Hispanic ethnic backgrounds. Bonham had farmed in Belize and Guatemala and supervised the creation of a Chilean supermarket chain.

Who is Fiesta owned by?

Bodega Latina Corp., a U.S. subsidiary of Mexico-based Grupo Comercial Chedraui, is buying Houston-based Fiesta Mart from ACON Investments, a private equity firm based in Washington, D.C. The Houston Chronicle reported that the purchase price is $300 million. Fiesta operates 63 stores in Dallas and Houston.

How many Fiesta Mart stores are in Texas?

Fiesta Mart is part of Chedraui USA, Inc and has proudly served the Texas community since 1972. Today, Fiesta Mart operates over 60 stores throughout the Lone Star State- in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin.

How many Fiesta Mart stores are there in Houston?

In the 1990s, Fiesta expanded into the Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth markets. Today, the company has 34 stores in the Houston area, including one Fiesta Fresh Market; two in Austin; and 24 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, including two Carnival stores.

How many Fiesta Mart stores are there in us?

The combination of Bodega Latina and Fiesta will create one of the largest Hispanic-focused supermarket companies in the U.S., with a total of 122 stores across California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas and revenues of approximately $3 billion.

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