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What does it mean – Crazy 8?

Crazy 8 is a children’s apparel store chain.

The word ‘crazy’ has also been used as slang to define being cool or stylish. As for the number, eight is commonly associated with good luck in many cultures. For example, there are eight festivals of Chinese New Year, and it is seen as a lucky number in Vietnam too.

Crazy 8 offered various clothes for children that are trendy, stylish, and affordable. There you could find a range of clothes such as t-shirts to pants to skirts and accessories such as jewelry and watches. They also sell bags and high-heeled shoes for girls. The clothing is designed by an in-house team.

The store had plus size section which features larger shirts and pants for those who want a casual look or baggy style. Crazy 8 also carried various activewear which can be used for sports.

What is the history of the Crazy 8 brand name?

The first apparel store under the name Crazy 8 was opened in March 2007. Eight is a lucky number in many countries and it’s also the symbol of a new beginning. In many cultures, it also means creativity, freedom and individuality which can help kids discover who they are.

Crazy 8 offers casual apparel for children from newborn to 14 years old. Crazy 8 was acquired by Gymboree in December 2013 with plans to expand the stores across the U.S., Canada and Europe within a few years after that date. However, there were no results even after a year has passed by so it ceased its operations in March 2015 due to low sales percentage-wise – just like GapKids before it closed down some time ago.

Crazy 8 had more than 300 locations across North America when owned by Gymboree.

What happened to the store Crazy 8?

In 2019 due to bankruptcy, the stores were closed down. The owner, Gymboree Groups, also failed in its bid to turn around the chain. It was said that Gymboree Group had already addressed financial difficulties with creditor protection since 2018.

Moving forward, three of Crazy 8’s remaining stores will be preserved for fashion merchandising and store operations training purposes. The company also stated that it is working closely with affected employees.

What were some of Crazy 8’s slogans?

Some of their most popular phrases included ‘It all starts here,’ ‘Create your own style,’ ‘Heroic kids, heroic prices,’ ‘No rules, no limits’ among others.

They also used different taglines during special events or promotions such as “Welcome to the eighties” on their website when they announced the 80s theme-based collection on sale in January 2015.

What was unique about the Crazy 8?

Crazy 8 was an apparel store dedicated to children between newborns to 14 years of age. They carried t-shirts, pants, skirts, shorts, jewelry and watches which are trendy yet practical for kids’ active lifestyle.

The clothes were designed by an in-house team who ensure that the designs are stylish yet suitable for everyday wear. The price is affordable enough but it cannot compete with the outlet stores selling almost the same items at lower prices; not to mention other brands selling their products at a clearance sale.

Recently there has been a rise in a number of online retailers offering cheap clothing and accessories such as Zulily and Ruche who sell similar or even exactly the same things found in Crazy 8 store. These websites offer free shipping above a certain amount of purchase. Furthermore, they come up with new items regularly which are not too different from the selections at Crazy 8 so there is no need for parents to go out and shop around when they can access these sites via their computers or mobile phones anytime.

Crazy 8 is a great place where parents bring their children to find clothes that are trendy yet comfortable enough to be worn throughout the day without ripping them apart. As it was told previously Crazy 8 was closed down due to bankruptcy in 2019.

What were the specials at Crazy 8?

You and your kid could find their casual clothes for almost every day of the week. With different slogans each week, Crazy 8 has something for everyone. There were also two times a year when parents can purchase children’s clothing at ridiculously low prices. One time is markdowns in January and the other is during their summer blowout sale where everything goes on clearance!

When you shop at the store, you can find t-shirts and shorts to pajamas and even socks. Clothes are always on sale. If parents want other items such as name-brand shoes, coats, or denim then they might have to go out of their way because that was not one of the specialties at Crazy 8.

After closing its doors in 2019 due to bankruptcy, Crazy 8 is no longer carrying many of the clothing lines which it used to sell back when it first opened almost two decades ago. With new owners planning to reopen stores under a different name by late 2020; hopefully, there will be something left for all loyal customers who were affected by store closing due to low sales percentage-wise.

What were some of the discontinued brands at Crazy 8?

Crazy 8 once upon a time carried popular brands such as Carters, Ralph Lauren and MoonStar. They also had t-shirts with classic Disney characters like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and The Little Mermaid too. It was almost impossible to count all the items which have been retired throughout the years so it is advisable for parents to look at clearance sales instead of going through countless racks inside a store.

Crazy 8 was a great place where kids can find things that they will love but with many other options available now it is not worth going out of the house just to walk into one specific store. If you want fashionable clothes for your children then maybe you should consider shopping online.

Will Crazy 8 reopen?

With new owners planning to reopen stores by mid-2020 under a different name, there is still hope for loyal customers who were affected by store closing due to low sales percentage-wise. With more convenient ways of shopping online, you do not need to go out of your house just to walk into one specific store. You can find almost everything that you want while relaxing on the couch and waiting for new items to come up on sale at least once a month if not cheaper.

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