Cold Stone hours

What is Cold Stone?

Cold Stone Creamery is a chain of ice cream parlors founded in 1988 in Tempe, Arizona. The company is known for its artisanal ice cream, made with fresh ingredients and mixed on a frozen granite stone. Cold Stone has over 1,000 locations in the United States and around the world.

What makes Cold Stone ice cream special?

The quality of Cold Stone’s ice cream is due to the freshness of the ingredients and the care that goes into making each batch. The milk used in the ice cream comes from local dairies, and the fruits and nuts are sourced from farms across the country. Each batch of ice cream is hand-crafted in small batches to ensure consistency and quality.

Cold Stone currently offers over 30 different flavors of ice cream, as well as a variety of mix-ins and toppings. New flavors are added seasonally, so there’s always something new to try!

Why is it called Cold Stone?

The name Cold Stone comes from the granite stone that the ice cream is mixed on. The stone is kept at a temperature of -16 degrees Celsius, which helps to keep the ice cream smooth and creamy.

Important Update on COVID-19

In response to COVID-19, Cold Stone working hours can vary, or maybe the spot can be currently closed as a consequence of quarantine limits. Check out the specifics of delivery choices on the local website of Cold Stone.

Cold Stone tweaked their operating hours to permit employees a little extra time to clean as well as resupply goods on racks. Added to that, numerous Cold Stone locations have recently set up distinct shopping hours for members of the at-chance class.

What time does Cold Stone open?

Monday12:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday12:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday12:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday12:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday12:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Saturday12:00 AM – 11:00 PM
Sunday12:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Other questions concerning their working hours

Is Сold Stone open on weekends? – Yes, they work every day.

What are Сold Stone hours for today? – This information you can find in our tables with working hours and in case you need a certain store – examine the official webpage.

What time does Сold Stone close? – On Sun-Thu they close at 10 pm, on Fri-Sat they close at 11 pm.

Are they open right now? – You need to look at the table above.

The history behind Cold Stone company

Donald and Susan Sutherland were the masterminds behind the popular Cold Stone Creamery chain. The couple originally opened a small ice cream shop in Arizona in 1988. At the time, they were one of only a handful of businesses to serve up hand-crafted ice cream made with fresh ingredients. Word quickly spread about their delicious creations, and the business grew rapidly.

During 1990s, the Sutherlands began franchising their business, and Cold Stone Creamery grew into a nationwide phenomenon. In 1993, the company was ranked the third-fastest growing franchise in the United States.

In 1995 the company opened the first franchise in Tempe, Arizona. This was the start for the company’s international growth. The first international store opened in Copenhagen in 2008, and the company has since expanded to more than 25 countries. Already in 2009, the first franchise was opened in Canada. It was a new milestone for the company as it expanded to North America.

In 2007 the company merged with Kahala Corp., and the two brands have been working together ever since. Kahala has helped Cold Stone Creamery to expand even further, both domestically and internationally.

Ankara opened the first franchise for Cold Stone Creamery in 2015. Turkey became the 26th country to have a Cold Stone Creamery store. The company plans to open more stores in Istanbul and Ankara in the near future.

In 2020, Cold Stone Creamery celebrates its 32nd anniversary. The company has come a long way since its humble beginnings, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Thanks to the hard work and innovation of the Sutherland family, Cold Stone Creamery is one of the most popular ice cream chains in the world.

Cold Stone Holiday Hours – Close

December 25Christmas Day

Cold Stone Holiday Hours – Open

January 21Martin Luther King Jr. Day
February 14Valentine’s Day
February 18President’s Day
March 5Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
March 17St. Patrick’s Day
April 19Good Friday
April 21Easter Sunday
April 22Easter Monday
May 5Cinco de Mayo
May 27Memorial Day
June 16Father’s Day
May 12Mother’s Day
September 02Labor Day
October 14Columbus Day
October 31Halloween
November 11Veterans Day
November 29Black Friday
December 26Day after Christmas

How can I find Cold Stone creameries?

You can find 931 locations across the United States on the Cold Stone website. Click on the “Locations” tab and enter your zip code or city and state. They operate in such states as Texas, California, and Florida. If you don’t live in the United States, you can search for international locations on the website.

Who owns Cold Stone Creamery now?

As we have already mentioned before, Kahala brands now own Cold Stone Creamery. This is a franchise company that owns several other restaurant chains, including Blimpie and Moe’s Southwest Grill. Kahala is a privately held company, which means that we don’t know who the current shareholders are. However, we do know that the company was founded by William P. Foley II in 1988.

Why is Cold Stone Creamery so good?

The secret to Cold Stone Creamery’s success is its unique approach to ice cream making. The company uses only the freshest ingredients, and all of its ice cream is made by hand. This attention to detail results in some of the tastiest ice cream around.

Cold Stone Creamery also offers a wide variety of flavors that appeal to all tastes. From classic favorites like chocolate and vanilla to more unique flavors like Cake Batter and Cookie Dough, there’s something for everyone at Cold Stone Creamery.

In addition to its delicious ice cream, Cold Stone Creamery is also known for its fun and friendly atmosphere. The company’s stores are designed to be inviting and welcoming, and the staff is always happy to help customers choose the perfect ice cream flavor.

Whether you’re looking for a tasty treat or a fun place to hang out with friends, Cold Stone Creamery is the perfect spot.

Design and atmosphere

Cold Stone creameries are usually designed with a stone façade. The interiors are illuminated with low lighting and the store décor includes stainless steel equipment and black-and-white photos. The company’s signature item is its Cold Stone, which is a large, flat stone used to mix ingredients together and then smooth out the mixture. This process results in a creamier, more flavorful ice cream.

The stores also feature a wide variety of toppings that customers can choose from to customize their ice cream. From classic toppings like chocolate chips and sprinkles to more unique options like gummy bears and Oreo cookies, there’s something for everyone at Cold Stone Creamery.

In general, the atmosphere at Cold Stone Creamery is fun and inviting. The employees are always happy to help customers, and the stores are designed to be comfortable and relaxing. Whether you’re looking for a quick treat or somewhere to hang out with friends, Cold Stone Creamery is the perfect place.

What do they sell in Cold Stone?

There is a vast variety of different ice cream flavors for any taste. You will also find sundaes, shakes, smoothies and more. Cold Stone Creamery also has a toppings bar that allows you to customize your order. You can add anything from whipped cream and nuts to hot fudge and sprinkles.

Ice cream

In the menu of Cold Stone you will see a lot of unique and interesting ice cream flavors such as:

  • Cake Batter,
  • Cookies and Cream,
  • Mint Chocolate Chip,
  • Chocolate Devotion,
  • Udderly Vanilla.

You can also find classic ice cream flavors such as:

  • Chocolate,
  • Vanilla,
  • Strawberry.

With all those different flavors, Cold Stone Creamery is definitely a place for everyone. You can find your classic favorites and also try something new.

What is the best thing to get at Coldstone? If you are undecided on what to order, the staff is always happy to help. However, some customer favorites include the Love It size of the Birthday Cake Remix ice cream and the Peanut Butter Cup Perfection ice cream.

The Love It size is two scoops of ice cream with your choice of mix-ins. The Peanut Butter Cup Perfection is Reese’s peanut butter cup mixed in with chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, and fudge. It is then topped off with whipped cream and another Reese’s peanut butter cup.

Cakes and more

Not only ice cream, Cold Stone Creamery also serves a variety of different cakes. You can choose from a wide variety of flavors, such as:

  • Red Velvet,
  • Carrot Cake,
  • Double Chocolate Fudge Cake.

You can also order specialty items like the Cookie Doughlicious Blizzard or the Brownie Batter Bash. These are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Are you fond of milkshakes? Well, Cold Stone Creamery has got you covered. In addition to shakes, they also have smoothies and malts. You can choose from a variety of flavors such as:

  • Strawberry,
  • Mango,
  • Banana.

You can also order your drink with or without ice cream. If you’re looking for something lighter, the smoothies are a great option. Besides, Cold Stone offers lemonades and iced teas for hot days.

Silk and sorbet

If you are looking for a non-dairy or gluten-free option, Silk and Sorbet is a perfect choice. These are made with real fruit and contain no artificial flavors or colors:

  • Watermelon,
  • Pineapple,
  • Cherry.

Sorbets are great for those who are lactose intolerant. Moreover, they are rich in antioxidants.

Special offers

In case you didn’t know, Cold Stone Creamery has some amazing special offers going on right now. If you’re a fan of ice cream, then you’ll definitely want to take advantage of these deals.

For example, you can get additional free ice cream when you purchase a birthday cake. That’s a great deal if you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion. You can also get a $10 discount when you purchase a $40 gift card. So, if you know someone who loves Cold Stone Creamery, this would be the perfect gift for them.

Finally, Cold Stone is offering free shipping on all online orders. So, if you’re in the mood for some ice cream but don’t want to leave home, now is your chance! Be sure to take advantage of these deals before they expire.

Do you get free Cold Stone on your birthday?

Yes, Cold Stone Creamery offers free ice cream on your birthday. Just show your ID to redeem the offer. They give you a choice of any size ice cream, mix-in, and topping. You can also get a free Creation with the purchase of another Creation.


The company provides a “My Cold Stone Club” Rewards Program, where members can earn points towards free treats, and receive a birthday cake on their birthday.

In order to join the My Cold Stone Club, customers must provide their name, email address, and phone number. After signing up online or in-store, members will begin earning rewards immediately with every purchase they make – including ice cream cakes! For every $1 spent, members earn 1 point. When members reach 50 points they get $5 off their next purchase, and they also get a free Creation on their birthday.

Also, you can get a discount with coupons from the Cold Stone website, or in a store. Such coupons will allow you to get a free Creation or $3 off any purchase.

Franchising opportunity

Cold Stone Creamery is a well-known ice cream parlor chain that offers franchising opportunities. If you’re interested in owning your own Cold Stone Creamery, there are a few things you should know.

First, Cold Stone Creamery requires a minimum of $350,000 in initial investment. This includes the cost of purchasing and setting up the franchise, as well as the cost of inventory and other start-up expenses. Additionally, you’ll need to commit to a 3-year lease for your store location.

In terms of royalties and fees, you can expect to pay 6% of your total sales to Cold Stone Creamery each month. You’ll also be required to purchase all of your ingredients from the company, at a cost of 33% above the market price.

Overall, owning a Cold Stone Creamery franchise can be a lucrative business venture, but it’s important to do your research and understand what you’re getting into before making any decisions.

Is Cold Stone franchise profitable?

Yes, owning a Cold Stone Creamery franchise can be a profitable business venture. As mentioned above, you’ll be required to pay 6% of your total sales to the company each month, as well as purchase all of your ingredients from them at a cost of 33% above the market price. However, with a minimum initial investment of $350,000, owning a franchise can be a costly endeavor.

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