Bob Evans Hours

Bob Evans Restaurants is a chain of restaurants based in New Albany, Ohio. It’s owned and operated by Golden Gate Capital. It is found in 500 locations across 18 states in America. Most of its branches are located in the Mid-Atlantic, Midwestern and Southern parts of the United States. All of them are owned by … Read more

Subway Hours

Subway is a privately held restaurant popularly known for its submarine sandwiches and salads. By June 2017, the chain had about 42,000 locations spread across 111 countries. All branches are independently owned and a little over half of them are found in the United States.  Subway’s headquarters are located in Milford, Connecticut. Its international operations … Read more

Braum’s Hours

Braum’s is a family-owned company that operates chains of fast-food restaurants and ice cream parlors in America. It is based in Tuttle, Oklahoma. As of 2017, it had 300 stores located in Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.  To maintain its supply of fresh produce, all stores are found within a 300-mile (483 km) radius … Read more

White Castle Hours

White Castle is an American fast food restaurant chain that is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. It is credited for being America’s first fast-food restaurant. Currently, it boasts of more than 420 outlets across 14 states. White Castle was the first to produce the small and square hamburgers commonly referred to as “sliders”. They were first … Read more

Hardee’s Hours

Hardee’s Restaurant LLC is an American fast-food chain of restaurants based in Franklin, Tennessee. It is owned by CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. Americans have always had a soft spot for the restaurant’s biscuits. This is without forgetting the big, high-quality, beefy and tasty Thickburgers that have become a frontrunner. Hardee’s has branches across Alabama, Arkansas, … Read more

Quik Trip Hours

QuikTrip is a corporation based in Tulsa, Oklahoma that runs a chain of convenience stores in America. It has more than 800 outlets spread across Arizona, California, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas. The corporation is also commonly referred to as QuikTrip (QT). Its mission is to wisely … Read more

Sheetz Hours

Sheetz, Inc. runs one of the largest and most widespread chains of convenience stores and coffee shops across the world. It is owned by the Sheetz family who has operated it since 1952. The store sells a mix of convenience store items, fast food, and gasoline in some of its outlets. Sheetz has over 500 … Read more

Buffalo Wild Wings Hours

Everybody knows that sports are even better when it comes to wings and beer, and Buffalo Wild Wings is where the trifecta of fun comes together. You will find it hard to find a place with a larger range of wing sauce flavors, and seeing several TVs blurring every sport is enough to tear up … Read more

Boston Market Hours

The Boston Market Corporation is an American fast restaurant chain. The company has its head offices in Colorado. The restaurant chain is a subsidiary of Sun Capital Partners, which is based in Boca Raton, Florida. The company mainly sells fast food items in all the restaurant’s locations across the country. The company also has a … Read more

Cheddar’s Hours

The Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is a popular restaurant chain that offers quality and reasonably priced homemade food across the United States. The company’s popularity stems from the fact that it prepares its food items from scratch and uses premium quality ingredients. Additionally, the company takes its time to prepare all its meals. Cheddar’s ensures that … Read more

Taco Bell Hours

This is a firm restaurant chain for fast foods in the United States of America. It is known for offering Mexican-inspired foods to all its existing and potential customers. The founder was a budding entrepreneur in America. It was actually named after its founder. Taco Bell began as a single unit but currently has grown … Read more

Wendy’s Hours

Wendy’s is a fast food restaurant with locations across the United States. According to the company, all food is prepared fresh, unlike many other fast food chains. The user is advised to pay attention to the location of the restaurant while playing the game. This kind of game, called “Fast Food Restaurant Simulator”, is used … Read more

WinCo Foods Hours

WinCo foods began reestablishing Waremart Foods in 2017. WinCo has 122 retail stores and six distribution centers with over 18,000 employees nationwide. Most of the store locations are in the Pacific Northwest while the largest stores are located in Colorado, Oregon, Washington and California. It is the largest producer of frozen pizzas in the United States. … Read more

Red Robin Hours

Red Robin Company runs its own restaurants and also has franchised some restaurants. The essence is to be able to serve its increasing customers. Red Robin invested heavily in the production of gourmet burgers, beverages, and steak fries. The company has gained a large following in terms of customers due to its amazing products and … Read more

Qdoba Hours

Qdoba Company is a fast-casual restaurant chain located in the United States. They specialize in Mexican cuisine, served in a beautiful ambiance at relatively affordable prices. They are best known for their tacos, tortillas, and quesadillas. When Qdoba was started, the founders were aware that most Mexican foods were associated with excessive amounts of calories. … Read more

Popeyes Hours

Popeyes is a popular American fast food restaurant brand with operations all around the world. As far as the scale of its operations goes, the company is only the second to KFC in the quick-service chicken space. At the moment, the company has operations in over 30 countries, and it operates more than 2,600 restaurants … Read more

Pizza Hut Hours

Pizza Hut is located in Plano, Kansas but it has many operations around the world. The company focuses on providing Italian-American cuisine. Today, the company is the largest pizza restaurant chain on the planet with regard to physical locations. Important Update on COVID-19 In regards to coronavirus, Pizza Hut working hours can vary, or even … Read more

Panda Express Hours

This company is a firm occasional restaurant in the United States that deals with the service of American-Chinese cuisine. The company’s main objective alongside making profits and growing fast has been to bring people together in order to have joy. Since the beginning of the company in 1983, family inspiration has been made paramount in … Read more

Olive Garden Hours

Change is always inevitable and thus Olive Garden Company being a great restaurant founded in Orlando embraces new changes in their foods. The company is determined to offer a welcoming and appealing experience for dining for whoever knocks at its doors. It provides Italian-American dishes being led by generosity and love to bring people together. … Read more

McDonald’s Hours

McDonald’s company is one of the largest fast-food businesses across the world majorly known for their fries and burgers. The company is considered one of the largest due to the number of customers they receive on a daily basis. Most people like McDonald’s for their prices which are usually proportional to the amount of money … Read more

Little Caesar Hours

Little Caesar Enterprises Inc. owns and runs Little Caesars Pizza, which is a chain store that deals with the production and distribution of pizzas and pizza-related products. What Little Caesar is Doing The company produces and distributes a very wide range of pizzas since it is mainly a pizza production and distribution company. There are … Read more

Krispy Kreme Hours

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. is a company that is based in America. As the name suggests, the company is a doughnut company and it also has a coffeehouse chain. The founder of the company, Vernon Rudolph began the company by buying a recipe with raised yeast from a chef in New Orleans in the year … Read more

KFC Hours

KFC, or Kentucky Fried Chicken in full, is one of the most popular fast food restaurant chains in the world. The company specializes in fried chicken among other popular fast foods. KFC was also among the first US restaurant chains to open international food outlets. What KFC is Doing Although fried chicken remains to be … Read more

Jamba Juice Hours

With hundreds of branches in different locations including internationally, Jamba juice is undoubtedly one of the largest companies dealing with juice production in the world. It is classified under restaurants even though it usually deals with the production of various types of juices and fruit plumps. In addition to direct service provision to customers, Jamba … Read more

In-N-Out Hours

As one of the fast food companies in the US, In-N-Out company takes pride in serving some of the fresh burgers and making their food using some of the best ingredients across the regions. In addition to hamburgers, the company also offers different types of fast foods including fries and drinks. This company also boasts … Read more

IHOP Hours

As the name suggests, the international house of pancakes is a company that mostly deals with breakfast menus but also offer lunch and dinner meals. They have outlets in the US as well as internationally with most of them being run by franchisees. The company’s stores often operate every day but the timing differs on … Read more

Dunkin’ Donuts Hours

Dunkin’ Brands Group, Inc., headquartered in Canton, Massachusetts, is a franchiser of a fast-dining chain offering various coffee drinks as well as breakfast items and ice cream. The chain controls its shops via Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins segments. The Company holds more than 18.000 locations in over 60 national markets all over the world. Important … Read more

Domino’s Pizza Hours

Domino’s Pizza, Inc. headquartered in Domino’s Farms Office Park, Ann Arbor, Michigan, is the second largest pizza corporation in the world. It holds 15,300 stores and restaurants in 85 national markets. The company offers various pizzas, which differ in diameter, thickness, type of cake, sides and of course the stuffing. Chicken, pasta, desserts, soda drinks, … Read more

Dairy Queen Hours

Dairy Queen poses itself as a worldwide fan-food chain offering ice cream and junk meal in its private eateries. International Dairy Queen Inc. or IDQ, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, comprises the brands such as American Dairy Queen Corporation, Orange Julius of America, Dairy Queen Canada, and Unified Supply Chain. The parent IDQ covers more than 6.800 … Read more

Papa John’s Hours

Papa John’s is an easily recognizable name not just in the United States, but around the world. This giant pizza restaurant and a delivery chain is well known for its legendary pizza and trademark dipping sauce. It has a rather intriguing history and the story of its rise to being the fourth largest pizza delivery … Read more